NCD NC900 Series Network X Terminal 128mb Thin Client
This was purchased from gtptech on ebay for $49.99 on Feb 11-2007.

NCD NC900 Series Business Network Computer X Terminal 128MB Ram

This auction is for a NC900 terminal. This unit powers up and tried to boot to network (we don't have the software to connect it). This unit still sells for well over $500 elsewhere. The ram alone is worth more then the starting bid on this auction.

This unit includes the power supply.

  • 128mb PC100 100 pin SDRAM Ram
  • Unparalleled support for distributed processing
  • Local Netscape NC Navigator browser
  • Simultiple Color .
  • Java. 1.1 virtual machine
  • Broad application support
  • X11 and legacy system access
  • Remote management
  • Flexible boot technology

    The information below is provided for your convenience. It was pulled from the manufacturers website. We are not responsible for errors or omissions in the information below.

    Unique to the marketplace, the NC900 Business Network Computer combines the best of evolutionary and revolutionary thin client technology to deliver a proven computing solution at an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. When combined with NCBridge software, the NC900 offers simultaneous windowed access to a local Netscape Navigator browser, X11 clients, PC applications, Java and legacy applications. Using the local ICA client, the NC900 can access Microsoft Windows 2000 applications running Citrix MetaFrame software. MORE

    NC900 At-a-Glance:

  • Proven Solution - The NC900 is powered by NCBridge software which includes a broad set of tools for managing and supporting the NC in mission-critical application environments that require features such as secondary boot host, secondary xdmcp host, redundant font servers and xdmcp keep alive functionality.

  • Revolutionary Color Support - The NC900 is the first and only thin client to offer Simultiple. Color allowing it to display browser images and other X11 applications with accurate 24-bit color fidelity without interfering with 8-bit color applications and annoying color flashing. Click here to download the Simultiple Color whitepaper.

  • Cost Effective - Since all applications are loaded on the host server, the NC900 has a much lower cost of administration and a far greater life expectancy than other desktop solutions.

  • Remote Management - The NC900 is easily configured and managed from a central remote configuration file.

  • Flexible Solution - The NC900 comes standard with 16 MB of memory but can be upgraded to a maximum of 256 MB of memory. Also available are optional 8MB or 16MB flash memory cards.

  • Reliable - Designed without a fan or hard disk, the NC900 can be depended on for mission-critical applications that demand 100 percent uptime.

    NC900 Datasheet (.pdf)