PCL-730 I/O Card

Advantech PCL-730 (Product Web Site)
Data Sheet
Users Manual
Non-Standard Interconnect Card (GEMS 6806 Wire PCB PN 19026806-10)

PCL-730 A/D Expansion Card

A/D Expansion Board (Protel .ddb File)
A/D Expansion Board (PDF)
MAX-158 A/D Converter IC Data Sheet


ASM Program to read A/D Converter (written in EMU8086)
Example.c Program to output bits 0 - 150 until SW pressed (written in gcc)
Example2.c put "HELLO" on LED (written in gcc)
Example3.c make all printable characters appear on LCD (written in gcc)
Example4.c display SW status on screen - inb (written in gcc)