Expanded Input / Output Card for the Axiom CME11E9-EVBU Development Board



With the continuing encroachment of computers into all aspects of day-to-day life, the need for interfacing between the real world and the digital world is on the increase. This paper describes the circuitry and software for additional input/output capabilities for the Axiom CME11E9-EVBU Development Board. When combined, the system created is a very powerful controller for a wide variety of applications including industrial control, robotics, data acquisition, and home automation.

Design Report
Final Schematic
Experimentation Log
Final Report
Full Schematic (PROTEL 99se .DDB File)

68HC11 Definitions and Libraries (Written in smallc)
Interrupt Vector Definitions for CME11E9-EVBU
68HC11 Port Definition File
Buffalo Subroutine Calls
Debug Routine (allows for interactive debugging a program
Expanded I/O Card driver library
A/D D/A Driver Library

a test program showing the use of the above libraries

PLD Programs
Addressing PLD
Stepper / DC Motor Control PLD
Users Guide to Stepper/DC Motor Control PLD

Visual Basic Debugging Interface
Users Manual
VB 6.0 Source code
Installation Package