University of Waterloo TCP (WATTCP) and eRTOS are C libraries (for Borland C / C++ 4.52) written by Erick Engelke that are designed to support embedded system programming. With these libraries, you can create embedded applications with web capabilities (both server and client). According to old websites, that has since been taken down, as of 2006 eRTOS is no longer supported by the the author, but it is still worth taking a look at and the best part these libraries are FREE. [DOWNLOAD Libraries]*

Why Borland C / C++ 4.52? To my knowlage it is the LAST of the compilers that will go to a DOS EXE file. Unfortuantly, that means that you need a Win98 machine to run the compiler and will need to find a place to buy this old compiler since it is NOT in the public domain. JK Micro sells it as part of the Flashlite 386Ex Development Kit.

I first started to look at WATTCP as a graduate student in 2001. During that time I was working with a JK Micro Flashlite 386 board. I generated a notebook on the project and have included all the files below:

During the work on the WATTCP project, I ran accross the eRTOS library and wished to investigate that, but really did not get to far with it (but I am hoping to get back to it soon - I have a project in mind for it). Here are my notes:

* - Back when WATTCP and eRTOS were being supported, Erick Engelke was charging the programmer manuals, so I am assuming that these are NOT in the public domain so they are, unfortunatly, password protected (SORRY).
last update: 3/1/2008