My Robot - 2007
This robot is being designed for multiple purposes:
   • My Personal Use and Experimentation
   • My classes at NC A&T State University
   • For the NC A&T State University Robot Team as a Software Development Platform

This explains why you will see 2 microcontroller boards on the robot (a 68HC11 development board by Axiom Manufacturing and a Wytech MiniDragon+ based on the 68HCS12.

Since students at NC A&T State University are working on the robot, I would be remiss if I did not thank them because they have done a lot of work to mount, program and test the robot. So thanks to my Fall 2007 ECT 413 class and to the NC A&T IEEE Robot Team!

The pictures below are in reverse chronological order so you can see how the robot progressed during the building process.