High Tech's 2016 Chunk Hike Planning Page

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Miles from Springer Distance between waypoints Features ServicesMiles from KatahdinPDF PageM A PAlt Name Dir-DistBUSOutfitterCampsiteParkingLaundryPost OfficeDoctorRoad AccessfuelshelterGroceryShowerShort Term ResupplyTrainHostelsNo potable Waterlodgingvetwater
1694.54.3Blue-blaze Trail to Killington Peak (3900)E-0.2m to summit; M494.6207ATC N.H.-Vt. Map 6  E-0.2m                   
1694.50Cooper Lodge (3900)...4.3mS; 3mN S; C; w494.6       X      X        X
16972.5Jungle Jct.; Sherburne Pass Trail to (3480) Pico Camp...3mS; 2.5mN E-0.5m S; w492.1    E-0.5m         X        X
1698.91.9Churchill Scott Shelter (2560) ...2.5mS; 12.1mN W-0.1m S; C; w490.2    W-0.1m  X      X        X
1700.81.9U.S. 4 (1880) Rutland Vt. 05701 R; P; w (E-0.9m B; C; L; M) (W-1.4m L; 8.6m PO; all)488.3     XXXX X X        X X
1701.81Maine Junction at Willard Gap Long Trail to Tucker Johnson Tenting Area (2250)W-0.4m C; w487.3    W-0.4m  X               X
1702.70.9Sherburne Pass Trail (2440)...to Inn at Long Trail E-0.5m L; M486.4    E-0.5m                X  
1703.81.1Kent Brook Trail Junction (1700)E-0.4m (see below)485.3    E-0.4m                  X
1704.10.3Vt. 100 Gifford Woods State Park (1660) Killington Vt. 05751 R; P; S; C; sh; w (E-0.6m PO; B; G; L; M; O)485    E-0.6mXXXX X X XXX    X X
1704.80.7Kent Pond Trail to Base Camp Outfitters Thundering Brook Road (1450)R; L; M (E-0.3m O; B)484.3    E-0.3mXX     X        X  
17061.2Thundering Brook Road (1280)R; P483.1        X   X           
1706.20.2Thundering Falls (1226)...900-ft. boardwalk  482.9                        
1706.50.3River Road (1214)R; P (E-0.5 pool)482.6        X   X           
17070.5Quimby Mountain (2550) 482.1                        
1710.83.8Stony Brook Shelter (1760) ...12.1mS; 10.2mN E-0.1m S; C; w478.3    E-0.1m  X      X        X
1711.60.8Stony Brook Road Stony Brook (1360)R; w477.5            X          X
1715.53.9Chateauguay Road (2000)R473.6            X           
1716.20.7Lakota Lake Lookout (2640) 472.9                        
1718.32.1Trail to the Lookout (2320) ...observation deck W-0.2m470.8                        
1720.72.4Winturri Shelter (1910)...10.2mS; 11.9mN W-0.2m S; w468.4    W-0.2m         X        X
1724.53.8Vt. 12 Gulf Stream Bridge (882) Woodstock Vt. 05091 R; P; w (E-4.4m PO; G; L; M; D; V) (W-0.2m G)464.6      X X XXX  X     XXX
1725.61.1Dana Hill (1530) 463.5 ATC N.H.-Vt. Map 5                      
17260.4Woodstock Stage Road Barnard Brook (820) South Pomfret Vt. 05067 R; P; w (E-0.9m PO; G; M)463.1    E-0.9m X X X X  X       X
1727.51.5Bartlett Brook Road (1050)...gravel footbridge brook R; w (E-1.6m PO; G; M)461.6    E-1.6m X X X X  X       X
1728.20.7Pomfret-South Pomfret Road Pomfret Brook (980)R; P; w460.9        X   X          X
17301.8Cloudland Road (1370)R; P (W-0.2m g)459.1    W-0.2m   X   X    X      
17322Thistle Hill (1800) 457.1                        
1732.30.3Thistle Hill Shelter (1480)...11.9mS; 9mN E-0.1m S; w456.8    E-0.1m         X        X
1733.81.5Joe Ranger Road (1280)R; P455.3        X   X           
1737.13.3Vt. 14 Patriots Bridge over White River (390) Hartford Vt. 05047 R; P; C; w (E-7m PO; B; 8m H; all)452    E-7mXXXX X X      X   X
1737.70.6Tigertown Road Podunk Road (540)R; P451.4189       X   X           
1738.50.8Podunk Road Podunk Brook (860)R; w450.6            X          X
1740.62.1Griggs Mountain (1570) 448.5                        
1741.10.5Happy Hill Shelter (1460)...9mS; 7.6mN E-0.1m S; C; w448    E-0.1m  X      X        X
1744.63.5Elm St. Trailhead (750)R444.5            X           
1745.40.8U.S. 5 (537) Norwich Vt. 05055 R (E-0.25m PO; B; G; L; M)443.7    E-0.25mXX X X X  X     X  
17460.6I-91; Vt. 10A (450)...A.T. on sidewalk R443.1            X           
1746.40.4Connecticut River (380) Vermont-New Hampshire State LineR442.7            X           
1746.90.5N.H. 10 Dartmouth College (520)Hanover N.H. 03755 R; PO; C; G; L; M; O; D; V; B; sh; cl; f (E-2m L; cl; 16m H; f) (W-1.5m cl)442.2222    XXXXXXXXX XX  X XX 
1747.60.7N.H. 120 (490)R441.5            X           
1748.40.8Velvet Rocks Shelter (1040)...7.6mS; 9.7mN W-0.2m S; nw (N-0.2m w)440.7    W-0.2m         X     X  X
1748.90.5Ledyard Spring (1200)...water for Velvet Rocks Shelter W-0.4m w440.2    W-0.4m                  X
1749.70.8Velvet Rocks (1243) 439.4                        
1751.41.7Trescott Road (915)R; P437.7        X   X           
1752.81.4Etna-Hanover Center Road (845) Etna N.H.R; P; H (E-0.9m G; f; sh)436.3    E-0.9m   X   XX XX  X    
1755.32.5Three Mile Road (1350)R; P433.8        X   X           
1755.50.2Mink Brook (1320)w433.6                       X
1757.11.6Moose Mountain (South Peak) (2290) 432                        
1757.90.8Moose Mountain Shelter (1850)...9.7mS; 5.9mN S; C; w431.2       X      X        X
1759.11.2Moose Mountain (North Peak) (2300) 430                        
1759.80.7South Fork Hewes Brook (1100)w429.3                       X
1761.11.3Goose Pond Road (952)R; P428        X   X           
1763.12Holts Ledge (1930)...peregrine falcon rookery  426                        
1763.60.5Trapper John Shelter(1345)...5.9mS; 6.9mN W-0.2m S; C; w425.5    W-0.2m  X      X        X
1764.50.9Dartmouth Skiway Lyme-Dorchester Road (880)Lyme N.H. 03768 R; P (W-3.2m PO; G; L; M; V)424.6    W-3.2m X X X X  X     XX 
1766.41.9Grant Brook (1090)w422.7                       X
1766.50.1Lyme-Dorchester Road (1100)R; P; w422.6        X   X          X
1770.23.7Smarts Mountain Tentsite (3200)C; w418.9 ATC N.H.-Vt. Map 4lambert Ridge Trail    X               X
1770.30.1Fire Wardens Cabin (3230) ...6.9mS; 5.6mN...fire tower S; w418.8              X        X
1774.23.9South Jacobs Brook (1450)w414.9  J trail                    X
1774.60.4Eastman Ledges (2010) 414.5                        
1775.30.7North Jacobs Brook (1900)...water for Hexacuba Shelter w413.8  Kodak Trail                    X
1775.60.3Hexacuba Shelter (1980) ...5.6mS; 16mN w (E-0.3m S)413.5    E-0.3m         X        X
17771.4Mt. Cube (south summit) (2909) Cross Rivendell Trail Junction 412.1  Mt Cube Trail                     
1777.20.2Mt. Cube side trail to north summit (2911) 411.9                        
1778.71.5Brackett Brook (1400)...ford w410.4223                      X
1780.51.8N.H. 25A (900) Wentworth N.H. 03282 R; P (E-4.8m PO; G)408.6    E-4.8m X X X X  X        
1782.11.6Cape Moonshine Road (1400)R (E-1m C; sh)407  Atwell Hill Trail E-1m  X    X   X       
1782.70.6Ore Hill Campsite (1720)E-0.1m C; w406.4  Ore Hill Trail E-0.1m  X               X
17852.3Ore Hill (1850) 404.1                        
1785.30.3N.H. 25C Ore Hill Brook (1550) Warren N.H. 03279 R; P (E-4m PO; G; M; D; cl)403.8    E-4m X XXXXX  X        
1787.82.5Mt. Mist (2200) 401.3  Wachipauka Pond Trail                     
1788.20.4Hairy Root Spring Webster Slide Trail (1600)w400.9                       X
1788.30.1Wachipauka Pond (1493)w400.8                       X
1790.21.9N.H. 25 Oliverian Brook (1000)... ford road bypass if high water Glencliff N.H. 03238 R; P; w (E-0.4m PO; H; sh; cl; f)398.9    E-0.4m X XXX XX  X  X   X
1791.31.1Jeffers Brook Shelter (1350) ...16mS; 6.9mN S; C; w397.8  Townline Trail    X      X        X
1791.70.4USFS 19 Long Pond Road (1330)R397.4            X           
17920.3High Street (1480)R; P397.1  Glencliff Trail     X   X           
1792.40.4Hurricane Trail (1680) 396.7                        
17952.6Mt. Moosilauke (south peak) (4460) 394.1                        
1795.90.9Mt. Moosilauke (north peak) (4802) Gorge Brook Trail to DOC Ravine Lodge(E-3.7m R)393.2    E-3.7m       X           
1796.30.4Benton Trail (4550) 392.8  Beaver Brook Trail                     
1797.81.5Asquam Ridge Trail (4050) 391.3                        
1798.20.4Beaver Brook Shelter and Campsite (3750)...6.9mS; 9mN S; C; w390.9       X      X        X
1798.60.4Beaver Brook Cascades (3000)w390.5                       X
1799.71.1N.H. 112; Kinsman Notch (1870)North Woodstock N.H. 03262 Lincoln N.H. 03251 R; P (E-0.3m w; 5m PO; H; G; L; M; cl; f; 6m PO; all)389.4    E-0.3m X XXX XX X   X X X
1800.30.6Dilly Trail (2650) 388.8 ATC N.H.-Vt. Map 3Kinsman Ridge Trail                     
18032.7Gordon Pond Trail (2700) 386.1                        
1804.31.3Mt. Wolf (East Peak) (3478) 384.8                        
1806.21.9Reel Brook Trail (2600) 382.9                        
1806.70.5Power Line (2625) 382.4                        
1807.20.5Eliza Brook Shelter and Campsite (2400)...9mS; 4.1mN S; C; w381.9       X      X        X
1808.61.4Harrington Pond (3400) 380.5                        
1809.71.1South Kinsman Mountain (4358) 379.4                        
1810.60.9North Kinsman Mountain (4293) 378.5                        
18110.4Mt. Kinsman Trail (3900) 378.1                        
1811.20.2Kinsman Pond Trail (south) to +AMC Kinsman Pond Shelter and Campsite (3750)...4.1mS; 15.3mN E-0.1m S; C; w377.9    E-0.1m  X      X        X
1813.11.9+AMC Lonesome Lake Hut (2760)L; M; w376  Fishin' Jimmy Trail                  X X
18140.9Kinsman Pond Trail (north) (2294) 375.1  Cascade Brook Trail                     
1814.50.5Basin-Cascade Trail; Cascade Brook (2084)...ford w374.6                       X
1815.61.1Whitehouse Brook (1610)w373.5224                      X
1815.80.2Pemi Trail (1520) 373.3                        
18160.2I-93 U.S. 3Franconia Notch (1450) ...underpass Pemigawasset River North Woodstock N.H. 03262 Lincoln N.H. 03251 Franconia N.H.R (E-0.7m B; 0.8m M; 5.8m PO; H; G; L; M; cl; f; 7.3m PO; all) (W-2.1m B; C; 8m G; L; M; B)373.1  Liberty Spring Trail  XXXXXX XX X   X X  
18160Franconia Notch paved bike path east to Liberty Springs hiker parking and shuttle; and beyond to The Flume Visitor Center; west to +Lafayette Place Campground (1450)(E-0.7m P; B; 0.8m M; ph) (W-2.5m C; B; w)373.1     X XX              X
1816.60.6Flume Side Trail (1800) 372.5                        
1818.62+AMC Liberty Springs Tentsite (3870)C; w370.5       X               X
1818.90.3Franconia Ridge Trail (4260) ...0.3m to Mt. Liberty  370.2                        
1820.71.8Little Haystack Mountain; Falling Waters Trail (4800)...above treeline for next 2.5 miles north on Franconia Ridge  368.4  Franconia Ridge Trail                     
1821.40.7Mt. Lincoln (5089) 367.7                        
1822.41Mt. Lafayette; Greenleaf Trail to +AMC Greenleaf Hut (5260)(W-0.2m w; 1.1m L; M; w)366.7    W-0.2m                X X
1823.20.8Skookumchuck Trail Jct. (4680)... above treeline for the next 2.5 miles south on Franconia Ridge  365.9  Garfield Ridge Trail                     
1825.22Garfield Pond (3860)w363.9                       X
1825.90.7Mt. Garfield (4500) 363.2                        
1826.10.2Garfield Trail (4180) 363                        
1826.30.2+AMC Garfield Ridge Shelter and Campsite (3900)...15.3mS; 6.4mN W-0.1m S; C; w362.8    W-0.1m  X      X        X
1826.80.5Franconia Brook Trail (3420) 362.3                        
1828.41.6Gale River Trail (3390) 360.7                        
18290.6+AMC Galehead Hut Twin Brook Trail (3780)L; M; w360.1                     X X
1829.80.8South Twin Mountain North Twin Spur (4902) 359.3  The Twinway                     
1831.82Mt. Guyot (4580); +AMC Guyot Shelter and Campsite on Bondcliff Trail...6.4mS; 9.8mN E-0.8m S; C; w357.3    E-0.8m  X      X        X
1833.11.3Zealand Mountain (4250) 356                        
1834.31.2Zeacliff Pond Trail (3800)E-0.1m w354.8    E-0.1m                  X
1834.70.4Zeacliff Trail (south) (3700) 354.4                        
1834.80.1Zeacliff (3700)...overlook to the east  354.3                        
1835.91.1Lend-a-Hand Trail Whitewall Brook (2750)w353.2                       X
18360.1+AMC Zealand Falls Hut (2630)L; M; w353.1                     X X
1836.20.2Zealand Trail Jct. (2460)...former railroad bed  352.9                        
1837.51.3Zeacliff Trail (north) (2448) 351.6                        
1838.30.8Thoreau Falls Trail (2460) 350.8225 Ethan Pond Tail                     
1838.80.5Shoal Pond Trail (2500)E-0.8m w350.3    E-0.8m                  X
1840.82+AMC Ethan Pond Shelter and Campsite (2860)...9.8mS; 17.4mN S; C; w348.3       X      X        X
1841.81Willey Range Trail (2680) 347.3                        
1842.10.3Kedron Flume Trail (2450) 347                        
1843.21.1Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trail (1600) 345.9                        
1843.40.2Railroad Tracks Willey House Station Road (1440)R; P345.7        X   X           
1843.70.3U.S. 302 Crawford Notch Presidential Range (1275)Bartlett N.H. 03812 R; B (E-1.8m C; cl; sh; 3m C; sh; 10m PO) (W-1m M; 3.7m L; M; B; sh)345.4  Wester Cliff Trail  XXXXXX X   X    X  
1843.80.1Saco River (1350)...footbridge  345.3 ATC N.H.-Vt. Map 2                      
1843.90.1Saco River Trail (south) (1350)W-1.2m M345.2    W-1.2m                   
18440.1Saco River Trail (north) (1400)E-2m C; cl; sh345.1    E-2m  X X      X       
1845.61.6Webster Cliffs (3025) 343.5                        
18471.4Mt. Webster (3910) 342.1                        
1848.41.4Mt. Jackson (4052) 340.7                        
1850.11.7+AMC Mizpah Spring Hut +AMC Nauman Tentsite (3800)C; L; M; w339       X             X X
1850.90.8Mt. Pierce (Mt. Clinton) (4312)... above treeline for the next 12.7 miles north  338.2                        
1851.80.9Spring (4350)w337.3  crawford path                    X
1852.60.8Mt. Eisenhower Loop Trail (north); Edmonds Path (4475) 336.5                        
1853.10.5Spring (4480)w336                       X
1853.70.6Mt. Franklin (5004) 335.4                        
1854.71Mt. Monroe Loop Trail (north) (5075) 334.4                        
1854.80.1+AMC Lakes of the Clouds Hut (5125)...The Dungeon L; M; w334.3                     X X
1855.60.8Davis Path; Westside Trail (south) (5625) 333.5                        
18560.4Gulfside Trail (6150) 333.1                        
1856.20.2Mt. Washington (6288) Mt. Washington Auto Road Mt. Washington N.H. 03589 (not recommended)R; P; PO; M (8m on Auto Road to N.H. 16)332.9    #VALUE! X X X X      X    
1856.20Tuckerman Ravine Trail (6288) to + AMC Hermit Lake Shelter ...17.4S; 7.1mN Pinkham Notch at N.H. 16E-2m S; 4.2m R; P; B; G; L; M; sh; f332.9  gulfside trail E-2mX  X   XXXXX    X  
1856.40.2Trinity Heights Connector (6100) 332.7                        
1856.50.1Cog Railroad Tracks (6090) 332.6                        
1856.60.1Great Gulf Trail (5925) 332.5                        
1857.10.5Westside Trail (5500) 332                        
1857.20.1Mt. Clay Loop Trail (south) (5400) 331.9                        
1857.50.3Jewell Trail (5400) 331.6                        
18580.5Greenough Spring (5100)w331.1226                      X
1858.10.1Sphinx Col; Mt. Clay Loop Trail (north) (5025) 331                        
1858.20.1Sphinx Trail (4975) 330.9                        
1858.70.5Cornice Trail; Monticello Lawn (5325) 330.4                        
1859.20.5Six Husbands Trail (5325) 329.9                        
1859.50.3Mt. Jefferson Loop (north) (5125) 329.6                        
1859.70.2Edmands Col; Gulfside Spring; Spaulding Spring (4938)w (W-0.2m w)329.4    W-0.2m                  X
1860.40.7Israel Ridge Path (5475) to +RMC The Perch Shelter and Campsite... 7.1mS; 2.7mN W-0.9m S; C; w328.7    W-0.9m  X      X        X
18610.6Thunderstorm Junction (5490); Trail to +RMC Crag Camp Cabin; Lowes Path to Mt. Adams and +RMC Gray Knob Cabin...2.7mS; 23.2mN W-1.1m and 1.2m S; w328.1    W-1.1m         X        X
1861.50.5Air Line Trail (south) (5125) 327.6                        
1861.90.4+AMC Madison Spring Hut (4825)L; M; w327.2                     X X
1861.90USFS Valley Way Tentsite (3900)W-0.6m C; w327.2    W-0.6m  X               X
1862.40.5Mt. Madison (5366) 326.7                        
1862.60.2Howker Ridge Trail (5100) 326.5  Osgood Trail                     
1862.90.3Osgood Junction; Parapet Trail; Daniel Webster Scout Trail (4822) 326.2                        
1863.60.7Osgood Ridge (4300)...above treeline for the next 12.7 miles south  325.5  Osgood Cutoff                     
1864.91.3USFS Osgood Campsite (2540) Osgood CutoffC; w324.2       X               X
1865.50.6The Bluff at Parapet Brook (2450) Great Gulf Trailw323.6                       X
1865.70.2Madison Gulf Trail (2300) West Branch of the Peabody Riverw323.4  Great Gulf Trail / Madison Gulf Trail                    X
1865.80.1Great Gulf Trail (north) (2290) 323.3  Madison Gulf Trail                     
1867.61.8Lows Bald Spot (2875)...rock dome  321.5                        
1867.80.2Mt. Washington Auto Road (2675)R; P321.3        X   X           
1867.90.1Raymond Path (2625) 321.2  Old Jackson Road Trail                     
1868.70.8Georges Gorge Trail (2525) 320.4                        
1869.20.5Crew Cutoff Trail (2075) 319.9                        
1869.70.5N.H. 16 Pinkham Notch Pinkham Notch Visitor Center +AMC Joe Dodge Lodge (2050)Intervale N.H. North Conway N.H. Gorham N.H. 03581 R; P; B; G; L; M; sh; f (E-16m L; O; 18m G; L; M O; D) (W-11m all)319.4     XX X  XXX XX    X  
1869.80.1Square Ledge Trail (2020) 319.3  Lost Pond Trail                     
1870.60.8Wildcat Ridge Trail to Glen Ellis Falls (1990) 318.5                        
1871.40.8Open Ledge Sarges Crag (3000) 317.7  Wildcat Ridge Trail                     
1871.70.3Spring (3250) 317.4                        
1872.71Wildcat Mountain Peak D (4020)...gondola  316.4226                       
1873.81.1Wildcat Mountain Peak C (4298) 315.3  carter-moriah trail                     
1874.20.4Wildcat Mountain Peak B (4330) 314.9                        
1874.70.5Wildcat Mountain Peak A (4442) 314.4                        
1875.60.9Nineteen Mile Brook Trail (3350) Carter Notch +AMC Carter Notch HutE-0.2m L; M; w313.5    E-0.2m                X X
1876.30.7Spring (4300)w312.8                       X
1876.80.5Carter Dome Rainbow Trail (4832) 312.3                        
1877.20.4Black Angel Trail (4600) 311.9                        
1877.60.4Mt. Hight (4675) 311.5                        
1878.20.6Zeta Pass (3890)w310.9                       X
18790.8South Carter Mountain (4458) 310.1                        
1880.31.3Middle Carter Mountain (4610) 308.8                        
1880.60.3Mt. Lethe (4584) 308.5                        
1880.90.3North Carter Mountain (4539) 308.2                        
1882.81.9+AMC Imp Shelter and Campsite (3250)...23.2mS; 6.3mN W-0.2m S; C; w306.3    W-0.2m  X      X        X
1883.50.7Stony Brook Trail; Moriah Brook Trail (3127) 305.6                        
1884.91.4Carter Moriah Trail to Mt. Moriah (4000) 304.2                        
1886.11.2Middle Moriah (3640) 303  Ken-Duskeag Trail                     
1886.30.2Kenduskeag Trail (3300) 302.8                        
1887.41.1Rattle River (1700) 301.7  rattle river trail                     
1888.51.1East Rattle River (1500)...difficult in high water  300.6                        
1888.90.4Rattle River Shelter and Campsite (1260)...6.3mS; 13.9mN S; C; w300.2       X      X        X
1890.81.9U.S. 2 (780)Shelburne N.H. Gorham N.H. 03581 Berlin N.H.R; P; H; w (W-1.8m H; C; G; cl; sh; 3.6m PO; H; B; G; L; M; O; cl; f; 5.6m G; 8m D)298.3    W-1.8mXXXXXXXXX XX  X X X
1891.10.3North Road Androscoggin River (750)R298 ATC N.H.-Vt. Map 1Centennial Trail         X           
1891.30.2Hogan Road (760)...unpaved R297.8            X           
1892.31Brook (1350)w296.8                       X
1894.42.1Mt. Hayes Mahoosuc Trail (2555) 294.7  Mahoosuc Trail                     
1896.62.2Cascade Mountain (2631) 292.5                        
1897.71.1Trident Col Tentsite (2020)W-0.1m C; w291.4    W-0.1m  X               X
1898.71Trident Pass Page Pond (2240)w290.4                       X
1899.30.6Wockett Ledge (2780) 289.8                        
1900.41.1Dream Lake inlet Peabody Brook Trail (2610)w288.7                       X
1901.91.5Moss Pond (2630)w287.2                       X
1902.60.7Austin Brook Trail Jct. to Gentian Pond Shelter and Campsite (2166) ...13.9mS; 5.7mN E-0.2m S; C; w286.5    E-0.2m  X      X        X
1905.42.8Mt. Success (3565) 283.7228                       
19060.6Success Trail (3170) 283.1                        
1907.31.3New Hampshire-Maine State Line (2972) 281.8245MATC Maine Map 7                      
1907.80.5Carlo Col Trail Jct. to Carlo Col Shelter and Campsite (2945)...5.7mS; 4.7mN W-0.3m S; C; w; 2.6m Success Pond Road281.3    W-0.3m  XX   X X        X
1908.20.4Mt. Carlo (3565) 280.9                        
1909.61.4Goose Eye Trail to Goose Eye Mountain (West Peak) (3854)W-0.1m summit; 3.2m Success Pond Road279.5    W-0.1m   X   X X         
19100.4Goose Eye Mountain (East Peak) (3794) 279.1                        
1911.21.2Goose Eye Mountain (North Peak) (3675) 277.9                        
1912.21Full Goose Shelter and Campsite (3030) ...4.7mS; 5.2mN S; C; w276.9       X      X        X
1912.70.5Fulling Mill Mountain (South Peak) (3395) 276.4                        
1913.71Mahoosuc Notch Trail (2400) Mahoosuc Notch (west end)w; W-2.5m Success Pond Road275.4    W-2.5m   X   X X        X
1914.81.1Mahoosuc Notch (east end) Bull Branch (2150)w274.3                       X
1916.41.6Mahoosuc Arm Summit Joe May Cut-off Trail Jct. (3765) 272.7                        
19170.6Speck Pond Brook (3430)...outlet of Speck Pond  272.1                        
1917.30.3Speck Pond Trail +AMC Speck Pond Shelter and Campsite (3500)...last water for the next 3.5 miles north......5.2mS; 6.9mN W-0.1m S; C; w271.8    W-0.1m  X      X        X
1918.41.1Old Speck Trail and Grafton Loop Trail Junction (3985)E-0.3m to summit & observation tower270.7    E-0.3m                  X
1920.72.3Eyebrow Trail (2480)...upper junction  268.4                        
1920.80.1Brook (2500)...last water for the next 3.5 miles south w268.3                       X
1921.81Eyebrow Trail (1530)...lower junction  267.3                        
1921.90.1Maine 26 Grafton Notch (1495)R; P (E-5.5m C; 13m C; g; M; sh; f)267.2    E-5.5m  XX   XX  XX      
1922.70.8Table Rock Trail (2125)...upper junction  266.4                        
1924.21.5Baldpate Lean-to (2645)...6.9mS; 3.5mN S; w264.9              X        X
19250.8Baldpate Mountain (West Peak) (3662) 264.1                        
1925.90.9Baldpate Mountain (East Peak) (3812) Grafton Loop Trail Junction 263.2                        
1926.40.5Little Baldpate Mountain (3442) 262.7                        
1927.71.3Frye Notch Lean-to Frye Brook (2280) ..3.5mS; 10.5mN S; w261.4              X        X
1928.20.5Surplus Mountain (2875)...highpoint on NE ridge  260.9                        
1931.43.2Dunn Notch and Falls (1350)...ford West Branch Ellis River w257.7                       X
1932.20.8East B Hill Road (1485) Andover Maine 04216 R; P; C (E-8m PO; H; G; L; M; f; 11m H)256.9246   E-8m XXX X XX X   X X  
19341.8Burroughs Brook (2050)...ford outlet of Surplus Pond w255.1                       X
1934.10.1Gravel logging road (2050)R255            X           
1936.92.8Wyman Mountain (northpeak) (2945) 252.2                        
1938.21.3Hall Mountain Lean-to (2635) ...10.5mS; 12.8mN S; w250.9              X        X
1939.61.4Sawyer Notch Sawyer Brook (1095)...ford w249.5                       X
1940.50.9Moody Mountain (2440) 248.6                        
1942.31.8South Arm Road Black Brook (1410)...ford Andover Maine 04216 R; w (E-9m PO; H; G; L; M; f; 12m H) (W-3.5m C; G; cl; sh)246.8      XXXXX XX XX  X X X
1945.12.8Old Blue Mountain (3600) 244                        
1948.33.2Bemis Stream Trail (3350) 240.8                        
1949.31Bemis Mountain (West Peak) (3592) 239.8                        
19511.7Bemis Mountain Lean-to (2790) ...12.8mS; 8.3mN S; w238.1              X        X
1952.51.5Bemis Range (Second Peak) (2915)...open ledges  236.6 MATC Maine Map 6                      
1954.62.1Gravel Road (1550)...former rail bed R234.5            X           
1954.80.2Bemis Stream (1495)...ford w234.3                       X
1955.60.8Maine 17 (2200)...view of Mooselookmeguntic Lake Oquossoc Maine 04964 R (W-11m PO; G; M; f)233.5    W-11m X X X XX X        
1956.40.8Spruce Mountain (2530) 232.7                        
1957.20.8Moxie Pond (2400)w231.9                       X
19591.8Long Pond (2330)...sandy beach w230.1                       X
1959.30.3Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to (2390) ...8.3mS; 11.2mN S; w229.8              X        X
1959.80.5Houghton Fire Road (2300) 229.3                        
1963.94.1Little Swift River Pond Campsite (2460)C; w225.2       X               X
1965.11.2Chandler Mill Stream (2150)...outlet of boreal bog w224                       X
1966.61.5South Pond (2174)w222.5                       X
1968.72.1Maine 4 (1700)Rangeley Maine 04970 R; P (W-0.3m L; 9m PO; H; G; L; M; O; D; cl; f; 15m Oquossoc)220.4    W-0.3m X XXXXXX X   X X  
1968.80.1Sandy River (1595)...footbridge w220.3                       X
1969.40.6Gravel Road (1750) 219.7                        
1970.51.1Piazza Rock Lean-to (2080) ...11.2mS; 8.9mN S; C; w218.6       X      X        X
1971.40.9Ethel Pond (2200)w217.7                       X
1971.80.4Saddleback Stream (2350)w217.3                       X
1972.40.6Moose and Deer Pond Outlet near Eddy Pond (2616)...last water for the next 6 miles north w216.7                       X
1972.60.2Gravel Logging Road (2625) 216.5                        
1973.40.8Treeline (3700)...above treeline for the next 2.9 miles north  215.7                        
1974.41Saddleback Mountain (4120) 214.7247                       
19761.6The Horn (4041) 213.1                        
1976.30.3Treeline (3620)...above treeline for the next 2.9 miles south  212.8                        
1976.70.4Redington Stream Campsite (3170)C (W-0.2m w)212.4    W-0.2m  X               X
19781.3Saddleback Junior (3655)...open summit  211.1                        
1978.40.4Brook (3200)...last water for the next 6 miles south w210.7                       X
1979.41Poplar Ridge Lean-to (2920)...8.9mS; 8mN S; w209.7              X        X
1982.12.7Orbeton Stream (1550)...ford w207                       X
1982.20.1Gravel Road (1650)...old rail bed; northbound turn E-100 ft. to re-enter woods  206.9                        
1982.90.7Sluice Brook (2145)w206.2                       X
1983.60.7Logging Road (2300) 205.5                        
1984.10.5Logging Road (2300)...Perham Stream nearby w205                       X
1985.21.1Lone Mountain (3280) 203.9                        
1986.31.1Mt. Abraham Trail (3184)...(4050) E-1.7m to summit202.8    E-1.7m                   
1987.41.1Spaulding Mountain Lean-to (3140) ...8mS; 18.6mN S; w201.7              X        X
1988.20.8Trail to Spaulding Mountain (4010)E-0.1m to summit200.9    E-0.1m                   
1988.90.7Bronze plaque (3500)...1937 completion of the final two miles of the A.T.  200.2                        
1990.31.4Sugarloaf Mountain Trail (3540)...Maines third-highest peak (4250) E-0.3m w; 0.6m to summit198.8    E-0.3m                  X
1992.52.2South Branch Carrabassett River (2100)...ford w196.6                       X
1992.60.1Caribou Valley Road (2220)...gravel R; P (E-4.3m Maine 27)196.5    E-4.3m   X   X           
1993.61Crocker Cirque Campsite (2710)...stream w (E-0.2m C)195.5    E-0.2m  X               X
1994.71.1South Crocker Mountain (4040)W-150 ft. to summit194.4             X          
1995.71North Crocker Mountain (4228) 193.4                        
1996.71Stream (3300)w192.4                       X
1998.82.1Stream (2500)...in stand of large white birch trees w190.3                       X
2000.92.1Maine 27 (1450) Stratton Maine 04982 R; P (E-2m G) (W-5m PO; H; G; L; M; cl; f)188.2      X XXX XX X   X X  
2001.70.8Stratton Brook Pond Road (1250)R; P187.4 MATC Maine Map 5      X   X           
2001.90.2Stratton Brook (1230)...footbridge w187.2                       X
2002.80.9Cranberry Stream Campsite (1350)C; w186.3       X               X
2004.11.3Bigelow Range Trail Cranberry Pond (2400)W-0.2m w185    W-0.2m                  X
2005.81.7Horns Pond Trail (3200) 183.3                        
20060.2Horns Pond Lean-tos (3160)...18.6mS; 10.2mN S; C; w183.1       X      X        X
2006.30.3Spring (3400)w182.8                       X
2006.40.1Side Trail to North Horn (3792)W-0.2m summit182.7    W-0.2m                   
2006.50.1South Horn (3831) 182.6248                       
2008.62.1Bigelow Mountain (West Peak) (4145) 180.5                        
2008.90.3Bigelow Col Fire Wardens Trail Avery Memorial Campsite (3850)C; w180.2       X               X
2009.10.2Spring (3900)w180                       X
2009.30.2Bigelow Mountain; Avery Peak (4090) 179.8                        
2011.21.9Safford Brook Trail (2260) 177.9                        
2011.30.1Safford Notch and Campsite (2230)E-0.3m C; w177.8    E-0.3m  X               X
2013.11.8Little Bigelow Mountain (west end) (3035) 176                        
2014.51.4Little Bigelow Mountain (east end) (3040) 174.6                        
2016.21.7Little Bigelow Lean-to (1760)...10.2mS; 7.7mN S; C; w172.9       X      X        X
2017.61.4East Flagstaff Road (1200)R171.5            X           
2017.70.1Bog Brook Road Flagstaff Lake (1150)...inlet R; P; w (W-0.2m lake)171.4    W-0.2m   X   X          X
2018.71Campsite (1210)C; w; privy170.4       X               X
2020.41.7Long Falls Dam Road (1225)R168.7            X           
2020.50.1Jerome Brook (1300)w168.6                       X
2020.80.3Logging Road (1400)...gravel  168.3                        
2022.11.3Roundtop Mountain (1760) 167                        
2023.21.1West Carry Pond (west side) (1320)w165.9                       X
2023.90.7West Carry Pond Lean-to (1340) ...7.7mS; 10mN S; w165.2              X        X
2024.60.7West Carry Pond (east side) (1320)...side trail west to Arnold Point Beach on Arnold Trail w164.5                       X
2026.11.5Arnold Swamp (1255)...many bog bridges  163                        
2026.30.2Long Pond Road (1250)R162.8            X           
2026.50.2Sandy Stream Middle Carry Pond Road (1229)...bridge R; w162.6            X          X
2027.30.8East Carry Pond Logging Road (1250)...gravel R161.8            X           
20280.7East Carry Pond (north end) (1237)w161.1                       X
2029.71.7Scott Road (1300)...main logging road R159.4            X           
2030.40.7North Branch of Carrying Place Stream (1200)...ford w158.7                       X
2033.93.5Pierce Pond Lean-to (1150)...10mS: 9.7mN S; w155.2              X        X
2034.10.2Wooden Dam (1120)...outlet of Pierce Pond  155 MATC Maine Map 4                      
2034.30.2Trail to Harrisons Pierce Pond Camps (1100)R (E-0.1m L; M; w)154.8    E-0.1m       X        X X
2034.60.3Otter Pond Road (1080)...gravel  154.5                        
2035.30.7Trail to pool at base of waterfalls (850)... Pierce Pond Stream E-0.1m153.8                        
2035.70.4Otter Pond Stream (900)...bridge w153.4                       X
2037.61.9Kennebec River (490)...ferry w151.5                       X
2037.90.3U.S. 201 (520) Caratunk Maine 04925 Bingham Maine The Forks MaineR; P (E-0.3m PO; 1m H; G; L; sh; cl; 16.5m G; L; M; cl) (W-2m C; L; M; sh; cl; 7m G; f)151.2      XXXXX XX XX  X X  
2040.62.7Holly Brook (900)w148.5249                      X
20421.4Hangtown Road (1240)...gravel logging road R147.1            X           
2043.21.2Boise-Cascade Logging Road (1400)R; P145.9        X   X           
2043.60.4Pleasant Pond Lean-to (1320)...9.7mS; 9mN S; w145.5              X        X
2043.80.2Trail to Pleasant Pond Beach (1360)E-0.2m beach145.3    E-0.2m                   
2044.91.1Pleasant Pond Mountain (2477) 144.2                        
2049.84.9Moxie Pond (south end) Joes Hole (970) Troutdale RoadR139.3            X           
2049.90.1Baker Stream (1010)...ford w139.2                       X
20511.1Joes Hole Brook (1240)w138.1                       X
2052.41.4Bald Mountain Brook Campsite (1200)C; w136.7       X               X
2052.60.2Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to (1280) ...9mS; 4.1mN S; w136.5              X        X
20541.4Summit bypass trail (2250) 135.1                        
2054.60.6Moxie Bald Mountain (2629) 134.5                        
2054.90.3Summit bypass trail (2490) 134.2                        
2055.60.7Trail to Moxie Bald Mountain (north peak) (2320)W-0.7m to peak133.5    W-0.7m                   
2056.71.1Moxie Bald Lean-to (1220)...4.1mS; 8.9mN S; w132.4              X        X
2057.20.5Gravel Road (1290) 131.9                        
2058.81.6Bald Mountain Stream (1213)...outlet of Bald Mountain Pond w130.3                       X
2060.71.9Bald Mountain Stream Road (1100)...gravel R128.4            X           
2062.21.5Marble Brook and Jeep Road (990) 126.9                        
2062.50.3West Branch Piscataquis River (900)...ford w126.6                       X
2065.63.1Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to (880) ...8.9mS; 12mN S; w123.5              X        X
2067.92.3East Branch Piscataquis River (650)...ford w121.2                       X
2068.20.3Old Bangor and Aroostook Railroad bed (800) 120.9                        
2068.30.1Shirley-Blanchard Road (880)...paved R; P120.8        X   X           
2071.33Blue-blaze to Pleasant St. Lake Hebron (900)C (E-0.3m R; P; 1.7m Monson)117.8    E-0.3m  XX   X           
2072.41.1Buck Hill (1390) 116.7                        
2073.20.8Trail to Doughty Ponds (1240) 115.9                        
2074.61.4Maine 15 (1215) Monson Maine 04464 Greenville MaineR; P (E-4m PO; H; G; L; M; cl; sh; f) (W-10m G; L; M; O; D; V; f)114.5      X XXXXXX XX  X XX 
2074.6 *** Start 100 Mile Wilderness ***                          
2074.70.1Goodell Brook Spectacle Pond Outlet (1163)w114.4 MATC Maine Map 3                     X
2075.81.1Bell Pond (1278)w113.3                       X
2076.50.7Lily Pond (1130)w112.6                       X
2077.61.1Leeman Brook Lean-to (1060)...12mS; 7.4mN S; w111.5              X        X
2078.40.8North Pond (1000)...outlet w110.7                       X
2078.80.4North Pond Tote Road (1100)R110.3            X           
2080.11.3Rim of Bear Pond Ledges (1200) 109                        
2080.90.8James Brook (950)w108.2                       X
2081.10.2Gravel Haul Road (1000)R108250           X           
2081.20.1Little Wilson Falls (850)...60 ft. high  107.9                        
2081.40.2Little Wilson Stream (750)...ford w107.7                       X
2081.80.4Gravel Road (900)...follow for 100 yds. R107.3            X           
2083.71.9Big Wilson Tote Road (620)R105.4            X           
2083.80.1Thompson Brook (620)w105.3                       X
2084.30.5Big Wilson Stream (600)...ford w104.8                       X
2084.60.3Montreal Maine & Atlantic RR Tracks (850) 104.5                        
20850.4Wilson Valley Lean-to (1000)...7.4mS; 4.7mN S; w104.1              X        X
2085.60.6Old Winter Logging Road (1190) 103.5                        
2088.22.6Wilber Brook (660)w100.9                       X
2088.30.1Vaughn Stream (670)...top of 20 ft. waterfall  100.8                        
2088.80.5Bodfish Farm-Long Pond Tote Road (650)R100.3            X           
2088.90.1Long Pond Stream (620)...ford w100.2                       X
2089.60.7Side Trail to Slugundy Gorge and Falls (870) 99.5                        
2089.70.1Long Pond Lean-to (930)...4.7mS; 4.4mN S; w99.4              X        X
2092.83.1Barren Mountain (2670)...abandoned firetower  96.3                        
2093.70.9Cloud Pond Lean-to (2420)...4.4mS; 7.3mN E-0.4m S; w95.4    E-0.4m         X        X
2095.82.1Fourth Mountain (2383) 93.3                        
2098.32.5Third Mountain Monument Cliff (2061) 90.8                        
2098.90.6West Chairback Pond Side Trail (1770)w (E-0.2m pond)90.2    E-0.2m                  X
2100.21.3Columbus Mountain (2325)...open ledge  88.9                        
2100.60.4Chairback Gap Lean-to (2000)...7.3mS; 9.9mN S; w88.5              X        X
2101.10.5Chairback Mountain (2219) 88                        
2101.50.4Semi-open Ledges (2000)...views  87.6                        
2103.31.8East Chairback Pond Side Trail (1630)W-0.2m w85.8    W-0.2m                  X
2103.80.5Small stream and spring (1250)w85.3                       X
2104.50.7Katahdin Iron Works Road (750)R (E-0.5m P; 20m C; G) (W-1.5m L; 6.1m L)84.6    E-0.5m  XX   X  X     X  
21050.5West Branch Pleasant River (680)...ford w (E-0.2m P)84.1    E-0.2m   X              X
2105.20.2Trail to Pugwash Pond Pleasant River Campsites Hay Brook Parking Area (680)(E-0.7m P; C; w)83.9 MATC Maine Map 2  E-0.7m  XX              X
2105.30.1The Hermitage (695) 83.8                        
2106.31Gulf Hagas Trail (950)w82.8                       X
21070.7Gulf Hagas Cut-off Trail (1050)w82.1                       X
2110.53.5Gulf Hagas Brook Carl A. Newhall Lean-to (1860) ...9.9mS; 7.2mN S; w78.6              X        X
2111.40.9Gulf Hagas Mountain (2683) 77.7                        
2112.30.9Sidney Tappan Campsite (2425)...spring C (E-0.2m w)76.8    E-0.2m  X               X
21130.7West Peak (3178) 76.1                        
2114.61.6Hay Mountain (3244) 74.5                        
2115.20.6White Brook Trail (3125) 73.9                        
2116.31.1White Cap Mountain (3654)...view of Katahdin  72.8251                       
2117.71.4Logan Brook Lean-to (2480)...7.2mS; 3.6mN S; w71.4              X        X
2119.31.6West Branch Ponds Road (1650)R69.8            X           
2121.32East Branch Lean-to (1225)...3.6mS; 8.1mN S; w67.8              X        X
2121.60.3East Branch Pleasant River (1200)...ford w67.5                       X
2123.21.6Mountain View Pond (1597)...outlet w65.9                       X
2123.50.3Spring (1580)E-w65.6                       X
2124.81.3Little Boardman Mountain (2017)300 ft. to summit64.3             X          
2126.21.4Kokadjo-B Pond Road (1380)...gravel R; P62.9        X   X           
2127.10.9Crawford Pond (1240)...outlet no camping w62                       X
2129.42.3Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to (880) ...8.1mS; 11.4mN S; C; w59.7       X      X        X
2133.13.7Jo-Mary Road (625)R; P; C; w (E-6m C; G; cl; sh; 17m Maine 11)56    E-6m  XXX  X  XX      X
2134.41.3Side Trail to Cooper Pond (600)E-0.2m pond54.7    E-0.2m                   
2135.71.3Gravel Logging Road (520)...snowsled bridge R53.4            X           
21360.3Mud Brook Mud Pond Outlet (508)..bridge w53.1                       X
2137.31.3Antlers Campsite (500)C; w51.8       X               X
21391.7Lower Jo-Mary Lake (580)...sand beach w50.1                       X
2140.81.8Potaywadjo Spring Lean-to (710) ...11.4mS; 10.1mN S; w48.3              X        X
2141.30.5Twitchell Brook (590)...bridge w47.8                       X
2141.40.1Pemadumcook Lake (580)...Katahdin view w47.7                       X
2142.61.2Deer Brook (588) 46.5                        
21430.4Gravel Logging Road (580) 46.1                        
2143.10.1Mahar Tote Logging Road (580) 46                        
2143.20.1Branch of Nahmakanta Stream (580)...ford  45.9                        
2144.31.1Tumbledown Dick Stream (590)...ford  44.8                        
2145.10.8Nahmakanta Stream Campsite (600)C; w44       X               X
2146.61.5Tumbledown Dick Trail (625) 42.5                        
2147.71.1Wood Rats Spring (740)w41.4                       X
21480.3Gravel Road (749)R41.1            X           
2148.30.3Nahmakanta Lake (south end) (650) ...gravel beach R; w40.8            X          X
2149.20.9Prentiss Brook (590)w39.9 MATC Maine Map 1                     X
2150.51.3Sand Beach 50 ft. east (595) ...spring w38.6                       X
2150.80.3Wadleigh Stream (680)w38.3                       X
2150.90.1"Wadleigh Stream Lean-to (685"") ...10.1mS; 8.1mN "S; w38.2              X        X
2152.81.9Nesuntabunt Mountain (1520)...views  36.3                        
21541.2Logging Road (1010)...gravel R35.1            X           
2155.21.2Crescent Pond (west end) (980)w33.9                       X
2155.60.4Pollywog Gorge (1050)...views  33.5                        
2156.61Pollywog Stream (682)...logging road bridge R; P; w32.5        X   X          X
2157.30.7Flume in gorge (1000)...remains of old logging dam  31.8252                       
2158.61.3"Murphy Pond Outlet Stream (1020"")"w30.5                       X
21590.4Rainbow Stream Lean-to (1020) ...8.1mS; 11.5mN S; C; w30.1       X      X        X
21612Rainbow Lake (west end) (1080)...dam on sidetrail with Katahdin view w28.1                       X
2162.81.8Rainbow Spring Campsite (1100)C; w26.3       X               X
2164.51.7Trail to Rainbow Mountain (1100)E-0.75m to summit24.6    E-0.75m                   
2166.21.7Rainbow Lake (east end) (980)w22.9                       X
2166.30.1Trail to Little Beaver and Big Beaver Ponds (1100) 22.8                        
21681.7Rainbow Ledges (1517) 21.1                        
2170.52.5Hurd Brook Lean-to (710)...11.5mS; 13.7mN S; w18.6              X        X
2171.20.7Spring (740)w17.9                       X
2173.92.7Golden Road (Greenville-Millinocket Road) (600)R15.2            X           
2174 --- End 100 Mile Wilderness ---                          
21740.1Abol Bridge over West Branch of Penobscot River junction with International A.T. Abol Bridge Campground and Store (588)Millinocket Maine 04462 R; P; C; G; M; sh (E-20m PO; H; G; L; M; D; O; cl)15.1    E-20m XXXXXXX  XX  X X  
2174.20.2Junction of Golden Road and Old State Road (600)R14.9            X           
2174.50.3Gravel Pit (600)R14.6            X           
2174.70.2Abol Stream Trail Abol Stream Baxter Park Boundary (620) ...bridge ski trail w (E-1m to Abol Beach)14.4    E-1mX                 X
2174.80.1BSP Hiker Kiosk registration for The Birches Campsite; Abol Pond & Blueberry Ledges trails (620) 14.3                        
2175.10.3Katahdin Stream (620)...bridge w14                       X
2175.20.1Foss and Knowlton Ponds Trail (630) 13.9                        
2175.90.7Foss and Knowlton Brook (625)...footbridge w13.2                       X
2178.12.2Pine Point (640)w11                       X
2178.60.5Lower Fork Nesowadnehunk Stream (630) ...ford w10.5                       X
2179.50.9Upper Fork Nesowadnehunk Stream (800)... ford w9.6                       X
2179.90.4Rocky Rips (850)...below ledge w9.2                       X
2180.30.4Big Niagara Falls (900)w8.8                       X
2180.50.2Spring (990)w (E-150 ft.)8.6             X         X
2180.60.1Toll Dam and Little Niagara Falls (1030) 8.5                        
2181.50.9Daicey Pond Nature Trail (1090) 7.6                        
2181.60.1+Daicey Pond Campground Road; Ranger Station (1100)R; P (E-0.1m L; w)7.5    E-0.1m   X   X        X X
2182.10.5Tracy and Elbow Ponds Trail (1100) 7                        
2182.90.8Outlet of Grassy Pond (800)w6.2                       X
2183.80.9Cross Perimeter Road (Tote Road) (1070)R5.3            X           
2183.90.1+Katahdin Stream Campground Ranger Station; +The Birches Campsite (1070) ...13.7mS R; P; S; C; w (E-0.25m S; C)5.2253   E-0.25m  XX   X X        X
2184.91The Owl Trail (1570)W- 2.2 to summit4.2                        
21850.1Katahdin Stream (1500)...footbridge w4.1                       X
2185.10.1Katahdin Stream Falls (1550)...privy w4                       X
2186.61.5The Cave (4500)...small slab cave  2.5                        
2186.70.1Hunt Spur treeline at base of The Boulders (3400) 2.4                        
2187.50.8Gateway to Tablelands (4600) 1.6                        
2188.10.6Thoreau Spring (4627)w1                       X
2189.11Katahdin Baxter Peak (5268)...sign plaque cairn  0                        
data from "Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers Companion 2016", ALDHA


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