Appalachian Trail Hike of High Tech

Best Pictures / Highlights

1996 Hike Highlights

Me at Springer Mountain GA 4/15/1996

First nice sunset shot 4/22/1996

Oh my Camera! 4/26/96

Cheoah Bald Sunset 5/4/96

I'm a thru hiker now! Clingmans Dome Bathroom 5/11/96

Santa and his Elf's 5/13/96 at Icewater Springs Shelter. No picture, but a very funny story!

Waldo on Grassy Ridge / Jane Bald 6/2/96

Strangest animal on the trail - a Peacock 6/5/96

Biggest Milage Day - Damascus Marathon 6/7/96

Mount Rogers / Wild Horses 6/13/96

Me on Dragon's Tooth 7/1/96

Me on McAfee Knob 7/2/96

Keith "Trip" Davis hiking with me the last week of the 96 hike in Shenandoah National Park 7/9/96

2002 Hike Highlights

Me at Bobblets Gap Shelter a few days after starting 6/6/02

Black Rocks Overlook 6/8/02

Skyland Inn Shenandoah National Park Sunset 6/26/02

Mary's Rock Vista Shenandoah National Park 6/27/02

Me at the ATC Headquarters for offical photo 7/7/02

Me at Pen Mar Park at end of 2002 hike 7/13/02

Southern PA (Section Hikes)

Me and Keith "Trip" Davis at mid way sign 8/11/2000 during section hike

2010 Hike Highlights

Me at start of 2010 hike in PA. 6/13/2010

Hawk Mountain 6/20/2010

Best Bear shot of the entire hike...Totts Gap PA 6/25/10

Even though my first bear sighting of a bear was on 5/10/96, that time I did not have a camera (and it happened to fast anyway)

More Bears...this time mom with cub 6/28/10

Me at Rattlesnake Mountain 6/28/10

Sunset at Arden Moutain NY 7/6/10

Upper Goose Pond MA 7/27/10

Mt Greylock Summit 7/31/10

Stratton Pond 8/6/10

Me on top of Killington Peak 8/10/10

Inn at the Long Trail (End of 2010 Hike) 8/10/10

2016 Hike Highlights

Inn at the Long Trail (Start of 2016 Hike) 6/16/16

Kent Pond 6/17/16

Moose Mountain 6/23/16

Mnt Moosilouke 6/27/16 (hiking partner)

Mnt Garfield 6/30/16

Mnt Webster (or possibly Mnt Jackson) 7/3/16

Mnt Washington 7/4/16

At Mnt Washington Signpost 7/5/16 (with hiking partner)

Mahoosuc Notch (the hardest mile of the A.T.) 7/13/16

South Pond ME 7/19/16

American Martin near Piazza Rock Lean-To 7/20/16

The Horn 7/20/16

Horn Pond 7/24/16

Sunset at Pierce Pond 7/26/16

Canoe Ferry accross the Kennebeck River 7/27/16

Hiking compainions celebrate the completion of the A.T. (Section Hiking) 7/30/16

Retire the old and broken backpack - Shaws Boarding House 7/31/16

Sunset at Antlers Campsite (My favorite camp on the A.T.) 8/5/2016

The money on Katahdin (8/10/16)