High Tech's Equipment List Addendum

Before we start, my usual disclaimers:

Just because it worked (or didn't work) for me doesn't mean it will (or will not) work for you. Only you can decide what will work for you. This goes, not only for this web page but for everything you read about backpacking. To paraphrase Collin Fletcher, "Try everything, keep what works, throw out the rest"

After my A.T. Hike I did buy some new equipment for future hikes:


OR Pouch vs Eagle Creek Pack-It Sacs

My OR Zippered case has been with me since 96 and served me really well, but unfortunatly time has taken its toll. I purchased an Eagle Creek pact-it Specter Tech Sac Set to replace it. We will see how it does on my next outing.

Cook Kit

I noted on my last hike that fining canister fuel was much easier in 2016 than 1996 and that most people were now using JetBoil cooking systems instead of the wisperlight. They seemed to have few issues with the JetBoil and were done cooking much faster than I was (even when cooking the same things). So after my hike I broke down and purchased a Jetboil Flash cooking system.

Tracks - Sherlock Staff vs Hiker Power Lock and Kelty Trekking Poles

My Sherlock Staffs (all three of them I have gone though over the years) have served me well on all my adventures, but compared to new poles on the market, it is just too heavy.

I purchased a Hiker Power Lock Trekking pole from REI because 1) it was on sale. 2) because it had a rounded top similar to my hold Sherlock. 3) It was not a set (since I can't seem to use two poles).

Then why would I also get a set of Kelty Trekking Poles. Well it was one of the options for my 10 Year Service award at UofM, so I said why not.

So far both have only had limited use, but I do like the fact they weigh so much less!