The Gathering '96 10/12/96 12:54 am

Here at The Gathering in Carlisle, PA. Only have run into one hiker I realy know from this year and that is Elf. She got off the trail after starting a flip flop and then running out of money.

After the opening Testimonials and the slide show (wich was great and brought back many memories), I did not know how to feel. Maybe it is the notion that I did not finish what I started. Or that I didn't have the guts to quit my job and do the whole thing. Or it could be that it made me home sick for that other life, I do not know.....

I AM having a great time, it is nice to be with a group that undersands that "other life"!

The Gathering '96 10/12/96 9:24 pm

Today at The Gathering was a BUSY day! First a quick bite to eat, then the "GPS Trail Mapping" Session wich I leared alot in. It is amazing what can be done with the unit, and the data it collects, but Kirk Sinclair really out high-teched me.

Next came the Continental Divide Trail seminar led by author Karen Burger. It was a good presentation, but I just do not have the same love for that trail. The parts in New Mexico reminded me of Philmont, and Montana looks great!

Next I grabed annother bite to eat, then to the wilderness first aid.

Next was a one on Section Hiking. And I got the most out of this one, not only did it bring back memories of my hike, but reminded me of the things yet to come as I complete the trail. I also met up with 2 hikers on the AT-L and was informed about a dinner of those on the list.

Next The Tuscorora Trail seminare that was ok, and the man who led it was a good story teller.

Then Dinner at Hossses with the AT-L members. I got to meet Jim Owen, who helped answer my questions before my hike and other who are on the list, some who are working on the trail, some done and some who are just plaining. It was a fun dinner at Hosses for sure.

Didn't get back in time to see the whole tribute to Jean Cashin, but I was able to thank her for her all her work for the ATC.

Not feeling to well now, took some vitamin IB and am going to go to sleep very soon. I chalkt up to lack of sleep and a very busy, but fun, day.

The Gathering '96 10/13/96 10:36 pm

Well I got a good nights sleep and upon waking up today, ate and then off the to school for my last two seminars.

The first was on hiking trails in PA. Boy what a good job they did and also they had a load of handouts including 3 trailguides that they made themselves.

Then it was off to dehydrated foods. Also a good seminar. Talk about leaving the best ones for last.

I left at this point (lunch) and packed up. No goodby's were said since I will see them all again I am sure......