My Philmont Adventures 1993

Philmont Shakedown (5/1 - 5/2/1993)

The weekend went quit well with a few good jokes, most of them on me. I would have liked to have done a better presentation on the stoves, but not knowing what each crew would be using made it difficult.

The crew (minus 3 people) seems to be forming quite a team - GREAT! We do need to work on teamwork a little and cooking / cleanup in particular.

The scouts from Paoli 1 seemed to have shine to me. A few of them are even trying to get me to switch troops (what a compliment). They also enjoy kidding around with me.

On the personal side I did learn a few things. First I will be taking my winter sleeping bag. Second...although I like the feel of my internal pack, for Philmont I might want to take my external. I feel the external will allow better organization and ease of access to equipment on the trail. As for stoves, well it seems like my whisper light was the least powerful stove of the bunch (whisperlight, propane and the Coleman Feather 400) it seems like the crew will be using the Coleman because we will not have to carry all of our fuel with us from the start (like we would have to with propane). Lastly the polarfleace will be going with me.

Still not sure about the convertible pants.

Overall the weekend had great weather, I learned a lot about what to expect and hopefully stated forming friendships that will last a long time.

Philmont Log Entry #1 (7/10 10:15am)

So begins the adventure that is Philmont. At this moment I am on a plane going to Colorado Springs. Flew over the Mississippi River which is flooding all the surrounding land (worse flood in years!!) All the scouts made it to the airport on time including Richard, our Scout from England.

As for me, well I did not sleep last night. Stayed up and talked to Tom Ott all the time, then, he drove me to his Uncles at 4:00am so he could take me and Richard to the airport.

I am still not sure if I am ready for this but am looking forward to a Great time not matter what!

Good Ideas:

-If you plan to write friends and family make up labels before hand and bring them with you. (Brian Klunk)

-Copy the P.E.A.K.S. Book map and Itinerary for each member of the crew (Neil Chipendale).

Philmont Log Entry 7/10 10:50pm

No problems with the air transportation except for one sleeping bag was missing (a leaders at that). My idea to put my pack in a duffle bag seems to be better than see though plastic (out of sight out of mind). Bag was replaced after lunch at an all you can eat place.

Went to the Air Force Academy. The chapel was excellent but I could have done without it.

Then we drove for 3+ hours to the Kieva. Ate a not-so-good meal, saw a good show. (Show was 8pm to 10pm) Found that Koshare means clown and the clowns in the show stole the show. Rest of the show was good too especially the fire hoop dance and animal dace with live snakes in the mouths of the dancers.

The accommodations at the School STINK! Hundreds of people with a toilet between us. Showers are ok however.

Good Ideas:

Putting backpacks in duffle bags.

Philmont Log Entry 7/11 8:40pm

In the gym at the Abbey. Spent the day white water rafting on the class 3+/4 Arkansas river above the Royal Gorge (only 4 people in Neil's crew did the Gorge). Had a great trip with a good guide. What a view from the river! To bad I did not take a waterproof camera. Only fell once, and luckily, into the bottom of the raft. Had the most fun spinning the raft (on purpose) thought one of the last sets of rapids. It was a little cool on the river but my Columbia Jacket kept me warm.

Next, after eating lunch, we went to the Royal Gorge Bridge (the highest suspension bridge in the world). I took the Incline (train) down to the river...what a view from the bottom. We had a little trouble getting everyone back to the bus (4 people were almost an hour late).

Got to the Abbey, dropped off the gear, ate, then I stayed at the Abbey while others walked around or went to a movie.

The facilities at the Abbey are better than last nights (THANK GOD!) and we are the only group in the gym.

Well the real fun begins tomorrow PHILMONT!!!

Philmont Log Entry 7/13 11:30am

Almost time for my last real lunch before hitting the trail. Yesterday was a very busy day with check in, trek planing and equipment checkout. The staff here is Fantastic!! They make it very easy to prepare for the trek. Also our crew chief, Mike, is doing a great job (only problem is with a few Scouts from Paoli 1). Food has been good and base camp is dusty but well equipped. The trading post is not as well stocked as I would have hoped.

The "Philmont Story" campfire was fun ever though it started to rain a bit (we need much more rain though).

Headquarters is a regular dust bowl!!!

One note: My blood pressure was just under the upper limit...any higher and I would have to stay at HQ until I got acclimated. Close Call!!

Leaders and crew chiefs ate dinner early last night and then had a meeting. Mostly the usual stuff except they pass out coffee and tea to the leaders for their packs.

Had a great cracker barrel after campfire. It was not typical of the leaders lounge to put out such a spread bit a leader (who did not go out with his boys/adults) needed something to do so he put on the spread!!

One injury for the day: Mike Hess got hurt when he tripped while chasing a rabbit at 10:00pm.

Well the packs are on line to be put in the bus and lunch is about to be served.

Good Ideas:

-Have a waterproof marker to mark trail camps ect on maps.


"we carry and fuel your dreams" (Sign at equipment rental)

Philmont Log Entry 7/14 2:50pm

Well a lot has happened since yesterday! After lunch I weighed my pack, with fuel and food and 1/2 a tent it came to 44 lbs. We then loaded up the bus and went to Ponil Turnaround. Then we hiked to Sioux via Ponil Camp (were Tom Ott said was the best root beer). Well we got into camp at about 4:00pm. Getting camp set up took forever and dinner even longer. The crew is starting to come together but it still is a bunch of individuals on a crew! The dinner was ok, Lasagna, but the "Ranger Cobbler" I heard about was not cooked right since the crew let the fire go out. We hoped to see the Cantina Show and get some Rootbeer at Ponil but by the time we had dinner done and the dishes washed it was 10pm. Great view of the sky with only a few clouds to mare the view.

At breakfast, today, we learned that you can eat charcoal from a wood fire. I also learned that it makes a great toothpaste.

Today we hiked form Sioux to Pueblano Ruins. Breakfast and take down took 4 hours but at least it was done more as a group effort. The hike was pretty un-eventful except for 2 mule packing groups coming down the trail.

Right now I am back at camp with 3 scouts who did not want to do the "Tie and Lumber" program.

Oops, forgot to say....because we started so late we hiked in the rain.

Philmont Log Entry 7/15 12:30pm

just had lunch at French Henry and waiting for the program to resume at 1:00pn. Great hike up form Pueblano Ruins. Lots of old mining stuff and houses. Did see a beaver lodge but no beavers.

This morning went much better other than waking up late. It only took us 2 hours to get out of camp. We did have to say goodbye to Don (our ranger) with all the usual picture taking and thank you's.

Last nights dinner was not as good as the first night, but it was cleaned up before dark.

Well we have done gold panning already and are waiting for the mine tour and blacksmithing.

Wish I Brought:

-my own flashlight
-my own tent (Philmont Tents SUCK!)
-a generator for a Peak 1 Feather 400 - One needs replacing.

Good Ideas:

-everyone bring an extra stuff sack for food and smellables.
-the convertible pants

Philmont Log Entry 7/15 7:50pm

Well we did not do blacksmithing because a crew beat us to it and the Mine was straight up hill.

The mine tour was fun but me and Ed Basset did not have a light and could not see (so we needed the hardhats).

The climb from French Henry to Copper Park was HARD!!

Dinner went great and was done long before dark. We did experience hail before dinner however.

Glad we are at Copper Park for two nights though. I had muscle cramps and went too fast up a steep hill and my heart was going nuts. I need the time without the pack.


-If you are doing the mine tour everyone should have a flashlight.
-I wish I had my larger (AA) mag-light with me.


-saw a tent I love by Kelty called "The Airy"

Philmont Log Entry 7/16 5:15pm

Well today we woke up on time, ate, and then started side hiking Baldy. What a hike! We actually had enough snow to sled on (using a pack cover as the sled). We seemed to be the first crew at the top (since we took the root from Copper Park) and even saw 2 elk before the summit. The wind up there was incredible, it must have been hurricane force! Stayed at the top for 45 min. The hike form Baldy was almost as hard. We were glad we went up the back side. I must admit that I was suffering from Altitude Sickness and had to pop a few pills for a major headache.

Stopped off at Baldy Town (Camp Baldy) and got a shower, lunch and junk food (and film ect).

We then hiked back to camp and ate dinner. By the time I am writing this dinner is over and cleanup is done.

But it is nice to say "We made it over Baldy!"

Philmont Log Entry 7/18 11:30am

Yesterday we hiked back to Baldy Town for a food/fuel pickup. We spent some time there washing cloths, bodies and feeding our faces with food from the trading post. From there we hiked to Black Horse camp and set up our tents before heading down for program at Miranda.

At Miranda we did the "Mountain Man Rendezvous" which consisted of a talk, Tomahawk throwing (I got it stuck 2 out of 3 throws tying with one of the scouts) and black powder rifle shooting (which I did not do). The crew had to supply our own target so my hat went down range. As a demo, the councillor asked what target he should shoot ... guess what the crew selected ..... my hat! Well not only did the councillor hit it but also 2 crew members (one crew member got Ed's hat). So to say the least I have a well ventilated hat!

After program we went back to Black Horse for dinner. Wouldn't you know everything started to go wrong!

First the rain started and people started arguing and yelling. Next a stove (Feather 400) started spilling fuel all over he place [This is why you carry 3 stoves] Next the other stove went out (out of fuel). I took out the MSR stove and used it to cook the cobbler (Backpacker's pantry) which took a long time. We did throw in a can of peaches Ed hiked in from Baldy Town. Well from this point on things did get better. Desert, which I was helping with but did not have much hope for, was tasty (if not fully cooked). The rain stopped and the sky brightened, and people started to joke around once again.

I wont say much about the campsight (hilly and rocky and small) but it was right next to a stream so it was nice falling to sleep by the sound of the babble of the stream.

This morning we seemed to get off to a slow start until I noticed the time was 7:45 when we hit the trail. Going through Miranda we headed towards Maxwell for Conservation work, which is were the crew is now.

Note: No matter what the ranger says you do need two pot covers / frying pans.

The pot covers let water boil faster, and you need two frying pans for some meals like pancakes and bacon..

Other Notes: My AAA mini-mag light works great with new batteries. I believe that is the only flash-light you need (at least so far).

Philmont Log Entry 7/19 1:15pm

After work was completed we headed for Head of Dean staffed camp. Real nice sight with purified water available right near camp. It was decided that the crew would not sign up for either Challenge Events or Wilderness medicine since the crew was bushed. Had an OK dinner than we, that is the advisors, headed up for leaders coffee hour. Had a good time talking to other advisors, one who had a bad day, his crew went the opposite direction they should have and ended up at Pueblano then hiked back to were they started and stayed their for the night. Meanwhile the crew challenged a crew from Pittsburgh to a volleyball game. Well a member of the other crew hurt his ankle.

As for today, we hiked form Head of Dean to Dean Cow, WHAT A HIKE. Canyon country almost all the way. We did see two rattle snakes on the side of the trail. As the first part of the group passed by it, it gave a warning rattle after that it posed for pictures. Also the crew started off on the wrong trail and went via Santa Clause Camp instead of following the canyon all the way and forcing us to go up hill at the beginning.

Got out and into camp just as a storm was moving in. Surprisingly we got the camp set up and ate lunch before the rain does sound like it stopped raining right now.

Philmont Log Entry 7/20 3:10pm

Well yesterday it did stop raining so the Crew did get the rock climbing an repelling program in. They seemed to like it, as for me, I took a shower and washed out some cloths.

After dinner I went to Leader's Coffee hour and had cake while watching scouts from different crews try the climbing board.

Today we woke up at 4:00am so we could get though Turkey Creek Canyon before the sun was up in the sky. It was worth the lost sleep ... I would not have wanted to be there during the hottest part of the day. We had a little problem finding the staff cabin here at Harlan but after a while we found it, got set up, ate lunch and took a long nap (during a rain storm which is till going on {I guess a shower would be more accurate}). Of course the rain cancelled the shotgun shooting program.

Oh, we left the crew spoons at the last camp, oops.

Philmont Log Entry 7/21 5:23pm

After dinner the advisors gathered on the porch for advisors coffee while the crew picked out their steed for the Burro race. Our crew did well finishing 2nd two times. One crew couldn't even get their Burro to move .... WHAT A SCREAM!

Then disaster struck .... we ran out of A.P. (all purpose paper or toilet paper). I used the last three sheets. The boys tried to blame each other for this problem. (Good Idea: Bring an emergency supply for personal use).

Today we hiked to Aspen Springs. Nice hike but the crew fell apart deciding wether or not to go to the commissary or camp first. We went to camp, ate lunch then headed for the commissary were we picked up more A.P. and food. While there two funny things happened:

1) I tried to play baseball with my yuppies stick and it flew apart.

2) I tried to explain to a crew member the song MEATLOAF does "The Dashboard Lights" and "Waiting for the End of Time" when a female staff member walks out of no were and says "I don't remember anything about marriage in the song" I guess you had to be there.

After we hiked back I went down the Cimarroncito camp with Ed for a shower. Nice place.

On my arrival I was the victim of a Joke. In our camp there is a large rock outcropping. The boys made a dummy out of bear bags, sleeping bags and clothing and when I arrived they called me over and someone yelled "Mike not so close to the edge!" and then trough it off the ledge. BOY THEY GOT ME!!!!

Well only two more days of hiking. In a way I will be glad it will be over, on the other hand I look forward to coming back.

Philmont Log Entry 7/23 5:50am

That night the crew had a pine cone fight on top of the hill with just a minor incident. That night a few of us stayed up and stargazed. We did see 3 shooting stars. I did try to take a few photos, I hope they turn out!

Yesterday was a full day. First we hiked to Clarks Fork were we did Boot, Hat and Yuppie Stick Branding. and the crew tried their hand at roping. Then we ate lunch and killed time playing horseshoes until 1:00 and our horseback ride. My horse was named "Whisper" and he (or she, I never check) was a good and gentle horse. Nice ride off the ridge and onto the prairie below (just a little long). I found my convertible pants are not very good for horseback riding since the zipper is right were the saddle is!

After the horseback ride we stayed at Clarks Fork and ate dinner. They we strapped on our packs and headed for Shaefers Peak. Got there before sunset and got camp up before it got dark.

Right now everyone is packing for our last day of hiking.

Philmont Log Entry 7/24 3:55pm

It was a very nice hike from Shaefers Peak to the Tooth Of Time. The trail was on the ridge making for beautiful overviews of the valley below. The crew's sprits were high, knowing real food and ice cream were a few miles away. We did stop at the Tooth and I, along with most of the crew, did hike, or more accurately climb, to the top WHAT A VIEW!!! You could see everything in all directions. Needless to say, I used up the last of my film. The climb down killed my knees so bad I had to take Advil when I got back to my pack but it was worth the view. The hike down from the Tooth to Base Camp seemed to take forever, but we did make it back for lunch. I even was able to get a GOOD, HOT SHOWER before the meal. After lunch the crew checked back in the gear while I went to the Trading Post, did my wash and went to the snack bar. Ed was able to get a bus to take us into town for a banana split at the "Art Gallery". It was worth the ride into town for it! By the time we got back Richard (the Scout from London) met up with his Uncle. Dinner was ok. Afterwards was the closing campfire which was more like watching a comedian on tour. Jokes about Pemmican Bars, trail food, Advisors, Crew Chiefs, and Philmont Weather dominated the show. Leo Ritter (our contingent Director) handed out our Arrowhead Patches (actually he handed them to everyone since he was the 7/12 Supper Hiker - he had the most treks out of all the 7-12 crews [10 in all]). Afterward, Richard's uncle asked me if I would like to go to the St. James Hotel for a beer. Usually I don't drink at Scouting functions, but I just took off my uniform and went. I think 90% of all the customers were form Philmont (Trails and Training center). Had a good talk to him and every got to see the famous bullet holes in the ceiling.

Right now I am on the plane at a layover at Denver Co. on my way home both looking forward to being home and sad to be leaving Philmont.

Well there is always next year for Philmont!

Philmont Equipment List - My Pack

	My Philmont Pack

   - Snow Leopard Internal Frame Pack
  p- Fly + 1 Tent Pole
  c- 8 tent pegs
   - watch (velcro band)
   - Pocket Knife
   - whistle
   - polar fleece sweater
   - Smellables Bag including:
			Tea + Sugar
			Sun Block
			Disposable shaver
   - Teva's
   - spoon
   - cup
   - Colman frying pan (used as that and bowl)
   - Camera and case
   - extra film + batteries for camera
   - water bolta (for side hikes)
   - therma-rest (light weight)
   - North Face 20 Degree sleeping bag
   - Solar Blanket (ground sheet)
   - clothing (in stuff sack -> including what I was wearing)
			2 pair polypro socks
			2 pair wool socks
			2 pair underwear
			2 tee-shirts
			swim trunks
			convertible pants
			2 bandannas
   - rain pants
   - rain jacket ** Not Good Enough **
   - flash light (AAA mini-mag)
   - crew 1st aid kit
   - sun glasses
   - crew repair kit
   - log book
   - Philmont Trail Prayer Book
   - Pack rain cover
   - Philmont map
   - compass
   - 2 pens
   - 2 - 1qt water bottles (one with drink tube)
   - water bag
   - matches (in 2 different locations
   - Vasque hiking boots
   - hat 

     p -> Philmont Supplied       c -> Council Supplied