Ed Garvey Shelter
Day: 36-2002
Mileage: 1003

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
1022.4Appalachian Trail Conservancy Side Trail (394') Harpers Ferry, W.Va. 25425 394
1022.9Jefferson Rock (425') 425
1023Shenandoah Street; Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (315') 315
1023.1Potomac River, Goodloe E. Bryon Memorial Footbridge, West Virginia?Maryland State Line (250') 250
1023.3C&O Canal Towpath mp 60.2 (A.T. west jct.) (290') 290
1024.4U.S. 340, Sandy Hook Bridge above (290') 290
1025.9C & O Canal Towpath mp 58 (A.T. east jct.) (290') Lockhouse 38 290
1026Keep Tryst Road; Railroad tracks (320') Brunswick, Md. 21716 Knoxville, Md. 320
1026.2U.S. 340 (400')?underpass 400
1026.4Weaverton Road (420') 420
1027.3Weaverton Cliffs Trail (780')?Potomac River view, Congressman Goodloe E. Bryon plaque 780
1029.4Ed Garvey Shelter (1,100')?15.8mS; 4.5mN 1100
07/08/02 8:53 pm

Well made it to this beatiful new shelter. Day was not as easy as I had hoped, mostly because of in town walking up and down the hilly streets of H.F. Had a great breakfast at the Hilltop House. Then got new socks at the outfitter (was even served by Baltimore Jack). Then off to the library to try to find flights from PHL to CLT, just finished when my time was up. Then the long long walk back to the post office and then the ATC (at least my pack was at the ATC after the outfitter). Spent a lot of time getting my pack organized at the ATC, even got to answer some questions from an intrested party (possible thru hiker). Got the hero shot and entry in the 2002 book. Then started hiking. My right leg was killing me untill I took some vitamin I. I hope it holds up for 40 more miles. Got in late to the shelter (6:45pm). Used some water that was in the shelter for dinner, but will have to make the trip downhill for water in the morning.

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Rocky Run Shelter
Day: 37-2002
Mileage: 1012

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
1029.4Ed Garvey Shelter (1,100')?15.8mS; 4.5mN 1100
1031.4Brownsville Gap (1,140')?dirt road 1140
1031.7Glenn R. Caveney Memorial Plaque (1,150') 1150
1033.1Gapland Road, Md. 572 (950') Gathland State Park, Crampton Gap 950
1033.5Crampton Gap Shelter (1,000') ?4.5mS; 5.5mN 1000
1036.1Trail to Bear Spring Cabin (locked) (1,480') 1480
1036.7White Rocks Cliff (1,500')?view 1500
1036.9Lamb's Knoll (1,600')?antenna tower 1600
1038Tower Road (1,300') 1300
1038.5Rocky Run Shelter (970')?5.5mS; 7.8mN 970
07/09/02 5:22 pm

Well, today's hike was painful! My leg is killing me, but I am determined to finish this last little bit. It was intresting hiking through the state park, but I can't belive I had to pack out my trash from the two drinks I bought. It was intresting seeing the civil war corespondence memorial and reading about the battle for South Mountain.

Here with a very large church group. Also met the local ridge runner but he just left.

The weather also did not help today, it was hot and stickey, but the weather report I saw in H.F. said rain and thundershowers tonight and highs in the 70's tomarrow. If that is the case I might do a 14 mile day tomarrow to get to Pen Mar ahead of schedual.

P.S. saw a deer today (one of only two I have seen since SNP)

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Pine Knob Shelter
Day: 38-2002
Mileage: 1019.1

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
1038.5Rocky Run Shelter (970')?5.5mS; 7.8mN 970
1039High Tension Powerline Clearing (950') 950
1039.5Reno Monument Road, Fox Gap (910') 910
1040.3Dahlgren Backpacker Campground (980') 980
1040.5U.S. Alt. 40, Turners Gap (1,000') Boonsboro, Md. 21713 1000
1041.9Monument Road (1,350') 1350
1042.1Washington Monument Road (1,400') 1400
1042.5Washington Monument (1,500')?view 1500
1044.6Boonsboro Mountain Road (1,300') 1300
1044.9Bartman Hill Trail to Greenbrier State Park (1,380') 1380
1045.4U.S. 40, 1-70 Footbridge (north end), Blue Blaze to Greenbrier State Park (1,200') 1200
1046Pine Knob Shelter (1,360')?7.8mS; 8.3mN 1360
07/10/02 5:04 pm

Well today was an intresting day. It started early with the all girl church group waking everyone up early. They had NO CONSIDERATION for anyone. I was in the privy last night taking a long shit and they started trying to rush me "you done yet I have to go really bad" so I sat in there longer just to make them waite. This morning they were yelling accross the camp and not trying to be quiet at all. The boys leadership group was much much better.

Still got a late start, the temperature did not cool off as much as predidted and it even looked like it could rain.

Hiked to Dahlgren Backpackers Camping Area and took a free shower curtecy of the state of MD, it was sooo good! Then on to George Washington Memorial wich was different than the one in DC, but still nice. Then I hiked on to here. When I came out to a road, there were 4 juviniel deer by a house, at first glance I thought they were captive, but they weren't. I also signed the log that was on the AT in someones yard (the AT goes between too houses there). Then I arrived here, and with my ankle/leg acting up again, and with a little threat of rain, I decided to stay here. It is an old shelter (not as old as yesterdays) but ok, just a little close to civilization for me, but being a week day I don't forsee any problems other than maybe a thru hiker staggering in late from the biker bar at rt 40. Did meat annother all girl church group but THANK G_D they were NOT comming to the shelter!

Well only two more days to go for this chunk hike. Look forward to seeing Keith, but not leaving. But probably I would have to get off anyway to rest my ankle. This is the second day in a row that it is obviously swollen.

07/11/02 9:49 am

Well it cooled off last night so much in fact I had to crawl inside the bivey for extra warmth. I do not know waht was nitting the roof of the shelter last night but it sounded like a coconut. BOOM!!!!! Woke me up a number of times. Still got a pretty good nights sleep. My ankle is still hurting this morning, but I still might try to do the miles to Pen Mar today and take advantage ofthis cool day. We shall see.

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Ensign Cowell Shelter
Day: 39-2002
Mileage: 1027.2

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
1046Pine Knob Shelter (1,360')?7.8mS; 8.3mN 1360
1047.6Trail to Annapolis Rock (1,820') 1820
1048.6Black Rock Cliffs (1,800') 1800
1049.2Pogo Memorial Campsite (1,500') 1500
1054Md. 17, Wolfsville Road (1,400') Smithsburg, Md. 21783 1400
1054.2Ensign Cowall Shelter (1,430') ?8.3mS; 5.1mN 1430
07/11/02 9:09 pm

Great day for hiking, cool, sunny and clear. Ankle still bothering me a bit, especially after the rocky secktions. Did got to Annapolis Overlook wich was very neat, but missed the next overlook completely.

Here now with a thru hiker, the girls from Rocky Run and a group of boy scouts (camped well away from here) and a couple with there dog (tenting). Only 3 in the shelter though.

Well tomarrow is my last day, looking forward to seeing Keith, a shower, clean cloths and real food. Not looking forward to returning to work. Well there is always next summer, next summer, next summer (sounds like that line from "My side of the mountain")

07/12/02 8:45 am

Well nice night last night, cool with good company. Vagabond was the thru hiker in the shelter. We had a lot in common. After the boyscouts droped by we started talking about scouts. He was a scout and summer camp section director, he was also big into the OA. He reminded me a lot of Tom Ott befor going Bambie Braindead.

Well it is time to get my butt in gear, pack and start hiking. I guess I am just procrastinating getting started on my last day of hiking. Everyone has left but me now. What a bumb!

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Pen Mar County Park
Day: 40-2002
Mileage: 1035.4