Moreland Gap Shelter
Day: 51
Mileage: 395.8

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
393.1U.S. 19E (2,895') Elk Park, N.C. 28622 Roan Mountain, Tenn. 37687 2895
393.1U.S. 19E (2,895')Elk Park, N.C. 28622 Roan Mountain, Tenn. 37687 2895
393.3Bear Branch Road (2,900') 2900
396.4Buck Mountain Road (3,340') 3340
396.7Campbell Hollow Road (3,330') 3330
399.5Campsite (3,590') 3590
401.7Campsite (3,130') 3130
401.9Mountaineer Falls Shelter (3,470') ?18.3mS; 9.6mN 3470
402.7Campsite (3,260') 3260
403.5Walnut Mountain Road (3,550') 3550
404.7Stream, Howard Harrison Road (3,400') 3400
405.2Viewpoint (3,350')?memorial bench 3350
405.7Upper Laurel Fork (3,290')? footbridge 3290
409.6Campsite (3,410') 3410
411.5Moreland Gap Shelter (3,815')?9.6mS; 8.6mN 3815
06/04/96 9:41 pm

Woking up at Deb and Micheal's to a breakfast of scones, eggs and sausage. After, we just couldn.t get moving (is there a tred there or what). Finally left their house at about 10:30 and whent to the store (were Waldo couldn.t buy anything again becuase they wouldn.t take visa). Got to the trail at about 12:15. The hike, I didn.t find too bad, but it kept theatening to thunderstorm, but never did more than sprinkle. Got to Camble Hollow road for a short road walk, but it wasn.t blazed well (if at all), and being harassed by two dogs didn't improve it.

The hike after that was uneventful except for meeting a section hiker who is from PA and actually is a trail maintainer. Nice guy and he also told me about a peacock on top of a mountain ahead.

Made it here right before sunset. But at least I did not have to walk in the dark.

Everyone else here (Waldo, Snail no More and Crag) seemed to be more tired than I am and also thought the hike was really hard. Either I am in better shape than I think or just a better attitude. But this hiking club still needs to to learn the word switchback!

06/05/96 10:03 am

Todays Bible entry:

Hiked 3 miles today. Fairly level, but that dammed wooden cross didn.t have a hipstrap! My head kills - I seem to be sweating blood! I.ll just hang out for a few days...

Brown's Grocery and Braemar Castle Hostel
Day: 52
Mileage: 410.7

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
411.5Moreland Gap Shelter (3,815')?9.6mS; 8.6mN 3815
412.8Tower Road, White Rocks Mountain (4,206') 4206
413.8Campsite (3,700') 3700
416.5Trail to Coon Den Falls (2,660') 2660
418.2USFS 50, Dennis Cove (2,550') 2550
419.3High water bypass to Laurel Fork Shelter (2,200') 2200
419.4Laurel Fork Falls, Laurel Fork Gorge (2,120') 2120
420.1Laurel Fork Shelter (2,450') ?8.6mS; 8.6mN 2450
420.4Waycaster Spring (1,900')? footbridge 1900
420.9Side trail to U.S. 321 (1,900')?blue blaze 1900
06/05/96 11:24 pm

Up at a resonable hour for a change, well up by 9:00am, and out shortly after 10pm. Nice hike today, but you could see the change when you got to the relocation the Konnarock crew did (YES SWITCHBACKS!!!!!!!!!).

Two highlights of the day were the peacock after White Rocks Mountain fire tower. Yes a peacock, I do not know how, but it was there. I go pictures to prove I am not nuts. The other highlight was Laurel Falls, a 40 foot waterfall that looked like it belonged on the Amazon.

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After the assent of Pond Flats I was almost out of water so I stoped at the first water source I found. I pumped a quart and when my Nalgene attachment broke, good thing I was heading to town.

Got to 321 and started to walk down the road and I got picked up by Waldo's mom, who asked the enevitable question .Were.s Waldo..

Got a 'shower', you can sort of call it that I guess. and then ran over to the store, but it was closed, but Sutton Brown (who also runs the hostel) opened the door for me so I could get frozen pizza and chocolate milk (one for me and one for Snail No More, who I hoped was coming.

Well Waldo showed up and got a shower and left for Charlottesville and Snail No More did show up.

I whent to make a few calls and ended blowing the rest of the night with the phone to my ear, but it was nice talking to Joan, my parents, Dan Meyer and Keith.

Now eating a snack and talking to Snail No More, all in all a good day.

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