Iron Mt Shelter
Day: 53
Mileage: 425.3

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
423.7Pond Flats (3,780') 3780
426.3Campsite (2,200') 2200
426.8U.S. 321, Shook Branch Picnic Area (1,990') Hampton, Tenn. 37658 1990
428.3Griffith Branch (2,100') 2100
428.7Watauga Lake Shelter (2,130') ?8.6mS; 7.2mN 2130
429.9Lookout Road, Watauga Dam (north end) (1,915') 1915
431.2Wilbur Dam Road (2,250') 2250
434.2Spring (3,400') 3400
435.9Vandeventer Shelter (3,620') ?7.2mS; 6.8mN 3620
439.7Spring (3,900') 3900
441.1Turkeypen Gap (3,840') 3840
442.5Spring (4,000')?water for Iron Mountain Shelter 4000
442.7Iron Mountain Shelter (4,125') ?6.8mS; 7.6mN 4125
06/06/96 9:21 pm

What a day, Woke up at 6:30am because Sutton said he likes doing the shuttles to the trail early. Ended up that todaay was not one of his early days. Had time to go the the post office to pick up the stuff to fix Snail No More.s waterfilter (wich I need to use until mine gets fixed) and then to the local dinner for breakfast and then to the store to pick up a little food. Finaly got a shuttle to the trail at about 10:30. Because of the little sleep (about 4 to 5 hours) I felt like crap. But I still managed to make it to this shelter, but just bearily. Need to get some MAJOR SLEEP tonight!

I also have a small problem, it I take 2 more days to get to Damascuss, I will probably arrive after the Post Ofiice closes on Sat. Might try to skip the shelter before town, so I can get into town earlier or, if I get really ambitious, I might try to get all the way to town (Yea right!).

Wow, Crag showed up at 9:37 pm after a 23 mile day!!

Double Springs Shelter
Mileage: 433.3
06/07/96 10:26 am

Woke up around 6 or 6:30 am and got out around 7am. Hiked here, were I am now taking a long, boots off, break. Can.t belive I hiked 8 miles in about 3 hours! If this keeps up I will not only make Damascuss, but be there before dark.

A large group of people were here when I arived. They were from a special school for boys with emotional problems. The school specailizes in working out these problems in an outdoor setting. It sounds great but I think a group of 12 is a little much.

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Abingdon Gap Shelter
Mileage: 441.4
06/07/96 1:38 pm

Just got in for my second break of the day.

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** Damascus, VA **
Day: 54->56
Mileage: 451.4

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
442.7Iron Mountain Shelter (4,125') ?6.8mS; 7.6mN 4125
444Nick Grindstaff Monument (4,090') 4090
444.1Spring (4,090') 4090
446.5Stream (3,500') 3500
447.3Tenn. 91 (3,450') 3450
449.4Campsite (3,990') 3990
450.3Double Springs Shelter (4,060') ?7.6mS; 8.3mN Holston Mountain Trail 4060
453.8U.S. 421, Low Gap (3,384')?picnic table, springShady Valley, Tenn. 37688 3384
455.7Double Spring Gap (3,650') 3650
457.1McQueens Knob (3,900')? emergency use only shelter 3900
457.5USFS 69, McQueens Gap (3,680') 3680
458.6Abingdon Gap Shelter (3,785') ?8.3mS; 19.9mN 3785
465.1Tennessee?Virginia State Line (3,302')?Mt. Rogers NRA sign 3302
466.6Spring (2,600') 2600
468.8U.S. 58 (1,928') Damascus, Va. 24236 1928
06/07/96 10:08 pm

YES! A 26 mile day, I hiked a MARATHON! In return I goit pizza, too much beer and great memories. Thanks to Noodle giving us (Snail no More, White O and I - oh yes Crag too) the drive to do it.

Staying at The Place. A lot of friends are here including Jim 'Sid', Malcom, Chuckand Dawn, The Brothers and Elf. Almost a full house.

Great day with many milestones: 1/4 of the trail done, new state, first over 20 mile day, new map and new guidebook! Great way to get to Damascus the right way (hiking!).

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06/09/96 11:22 am

Well yesterday was my typical in town day. Got my mail drop, did laundry, got my filter fixed, did shoping and all sort of other things done. Finally got e-mail to work...and there was much rejoicing!

I am surprised how many people are here. We where informed that there are still at least 20 more thru-hikers behind.

Good day of goofing off overall! and I still have today to do the same.

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06/10/96 10:22 am

Didn't do too much on saturday except bum around, eat and meet new hikers. This crew that came in is a good bunch and I look forward to getting to know them better down the trail. We also had a bicker doing the TransAmerica Bike Trail come in last night so it was intresting talking to him and comparing the AT trip to his.

Whent out for pizza at Quincey's sagain, but we were acused of being too quiet. Guess we were all mellowed out from being in town or something.

Sent out e-mail and also let annother hiker use my palmtop to get his (after he remembered his password). But still not as easy as it was at the begining of the trip. Also checked out Waldo.s web page, but couldn.t look at entries from beyond May 6th. Lynx might have been the reason, but I am not sure.

Waldo was in for a short stop on the way to Hampton to get back on the trail, but I wasn.t at The Place at the time.

Snail kept on procrastinating on geting out of town, I think he made it out around 4pm. Crag is staying one more day to let his sore ankles heal, so I will be with a new group for a bit.

Well it's time to leave Damascus and start the next leg of my adventure.

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