Whitley Gap Shelter
Day: 6
Mileage: 37.1

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
31.7U.S. 19 & 129, Neel Gap (3,125') 3125
32.8Bull Gap (3,690') 3690
33.2Levelland Mountain (3,942') 3942
33.9Swaim Gap (3,470') 3470
34.7Rock Spring Top (3,520') 3520
35.4Wolf Laurel Top (3,766') 3766
35.9Baggs Creek Gap (3,800') 3800
36.7Cowrock Mountain (3,842') 3842
37.7Ga. 348, Tesnatee Gap (3,138') 3138
38.4Whitley Gap Shelter (3,370')?10.3mS; 6mN 3370
04/20/96 3:31 pm

Left around 10am and have been hiking in the rain ever since. Got to the turn off for this shelter I had to turn in (even though the shelter was annother 1.2 miles) my knees hurt and I was in danger of getting hypothermia so I had no choice (it was 4.~ to the next shelter).

Did get lost once on Cow Rock Mountain. The trail took a hard left (almost like a switchback) and a ridge trail went straight. Well guess wich one I took. At least I was able to air my greavence with the ridge runner from dinner last night and a trail maintainer who were at the first white blaze I saw after re-finding the AT.

Right now I am in dry cloths, fed, and drying my stuff.

Lisa, Grant and Kevin have already joined me here.

04/20/96 8:28 pm

Just been joined by Tom 'Botny Boy' and Dave 'The Navigator'. Botny Boy is NUTS I have been laughing since they arrived. I sure feel a lot better now, laughter is the best medicine.

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Low Gap Shelter
Mileage: 41.5
04/21/96 12:58 pm

Not staying here to long just a break, but I need to complete last nights adventure:

Last night was THE best night so far. Botney Boy had us all out of our minds with laughter. It was GREAT!

Half way through the night Lisa (A.K.A. Blaze Blind) screamed .THERE.S A SKUNK...THERE.S A SKUNK. sure enough there was, but nothing happened. We shined a light on it and it went away.

So far today, I have run into more people than any other, mosty scouts out for the weekend. It is a nice, partly to mostly cloudy day, but great hiking weather.

This site is great, full of birds and other creatures.

Glade I am taking a break here.

Blue Mt Shelter
Day: 7
Mileage: 48.6

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
38.4Whitley Gap Shelter (3,370')?10.3mS; 6mN 3370
38.6Ga. 348, Hogpen Gap (3,450')?A.T. plaque 3450
39.5White Oak Stamp (3,470') 3470
40.6Poor Mountain (3,620') 3620
42.4Sheep Rock Top (3,600') 3600
43.2Low Gap Shelter (3,050')?6mS; 7.3mN 3050
44.6Poplar Stamp Gap (2,990') 2990
47Cold Springs Gap (3,300') 3300
48.2Chattahoochee Gap (3,500') Jack's Gap Trail to Ga. 180 3500
48.9Red Clay Gap (3,485') 3485
49.6Campsite (3,600') 3600
49.8Spring (3,500') 3500
50.4Spring (3,890')?water for Blue Mountain Shelter 3890
50.5Blue Mountain Shelter (3,900')?7.3mS; 8.1mN 3900
04/21/96 5:24 pm

Arrived to an empty shelter with over 11.5 miles for the day (actually it was 12.7 with the hike back from Whitley Gap Shelter). Even though I hiked that many miles it was a good day. The weather was perfect hiking weather, so it made the milage bareable.

Expect to really meet a retired couple tonight. I hiked by them and they said they were headed here.

The water source here is down hill quite a bit (on the AT) and there is no privey that I have seen, so it is far from perfect, but it is home for the night.

04/22/96 7:58 am

Up very early today, since I couldn't sleep due to a combination of Trail Snail's snoring and about 100 mice. They were all over last night. So far it does not appear I took any dammage, but I have yet to do a complete inventory.

I am not in the best of moods, due to lack of sleep, so I am trying not to say much, luckily Blaze Blind and The Purple Pirate are still asleep, so I have an excuse.

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Steeltrap Gap
Day: 8
Mileage: 58.4

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
50.5Blue Mountain Shelter (3,900')?7.3mS; 8.1mN 3900
51.4Blue Mountain (4,025') 4025
52.9Ga. 75, Unicoi Gap (2,949')?A.T. plaque Helen, Ga. 30545 Cleveland, Ga. Hiawassee, Ga. 30546 2949
53.5Stream (3,300') 3300
54.3Rocky Mountain (4,017') 4017
55.6USFS 283, Indian Grave Gap (3,113') 3113
56.3USFS 79, Tray Mountain Road (3,580') 3580
56.6Cheese Factory Site (3,590') 3590
57.3USFS 79/698, Tray Mountain Road, Tray Gap (3,847') 3847
58.1Tray Mountain (4,430') 4430
58.6Tray Mountain Shelter (4,200')?8.1mS; 7.7mN 4200
59.6Wolfpen Gap (3,600') 3600
60.2Steeltrap Gap (3,490') 3490
04/22/96 3:58 pm

Hiked almost 10 miles today because I decided to sleep out tonight, instead of in a shelter. I should sleep well considering the hike today (2 large up then down hills).

Feel good today except for a blister that formed on my left foot inbetween the big toe, the one next to it and the main part of the foot. Had to pop it and put on second skin.

Met a retired couple today (might have been the same couple I met yesteerday, but I don't think so). They reminded me that the trail is now 75 years old this year and that most of the famous thru hikers are out in celibration including Wingfoot!

Been on the trail for about a week now, still feel like I want to hike, so that is a good sign.

Oh yea, in the register at the last shelter was an entry about how the thru hikers staying there 2 nights before bailed out a bunch of unprepared Boy Scouts! Could not believe what I saw boy scouts wearing over the weekend for hikes. It did not surprise me when I read the entry.

So far on this hike I have seen: pileated woodpecker, moles, mice, a skunk, a pheasant, some type of newt, snails, and all sorts of birds I can't even identify.

G-d its nice just to lay down and catch up on the journal!

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Deep Gap Shelter
Day: 9
Mileage: 63.4

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
60.2Steeltrap Gap (3,490') 3490
60.8Younglick Knob (3,800') 3800
62.2Swag of the Blue Ridge (3,400') 3400
63.3Sassafras Gap (3,500') 3500
64.2Addis Gap to USFS 26-2 (3,304') 3304
65.2Kelly Knob (4,276') 4276
66Deep Gap Shelter (3,550')?7.7mS; 8.6mN 3550
04/23/96 1:16 pm

Last night I got some GOOD sleep, the only thing that would have made it better was if there was no wind. The wind kept on blowing hard all night in gusts. I was in a gap and it was as if the two valleys were playing a tug of war and the wind was the rope. Because of this, I had to fix my tarp twice, and lost one tent peg. But still a goods night sleep.

Now I am here at the next shelter, in a good position to get to the road before the people from the Blueberry Patch drop off last nights guests (if I wake up by 6:30 and start hiking by 7:00 I should be there in time, I hope).

04/23/96 7:42 pm

Met a few more hikers today, Bill Malone, Big John, Ed (who is a repeat hiker and a little strange), and one or two more, as you can tell it was crouded at lunch.

Now we are sitting around, pretty cold, and three more hikers just joined us (us being Jim, Blaze Blind, Purple Pirate and I) and they are cooking dinner. They are heading in to the Blueberry Patch as well.

Nice trail saying in the log 'No Rain, No Pain, No Maine.'

The more I hear my new compainions talk the less likely I am going to wake up early to get into the Patch....if it is as cold as I think it will be it is unlikely I will no want to get out of bed.

Note, the old couple I met yesterday were 'Bow and Arrow'

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The Blueberry Patch
Day: 10
Mileage: 67