Plumorchard Gap Shelter
Mileage: 71.3

Just having lunch at the junction, Here with Buckeye, Crazy Train and Shaka.

Beautiful day out, not a cloud in the sky.

Great Day to hike!

Bly Gap (Ga - N.C. Line)
Day: 11
Mileage: 75.5

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
70.7Campsite (3,150') 3150
71.4Cowart Gap (2,900') 2900
72.9Bull Gap (3,550') 3550
74.1Plumorchard Gap Shelter (3,050')?8.6mS; 7.5mN 3050
74.8As Knob (3,460') 3460
75.4Blue Ridge Gap (3,020')?dirt road 3020
76.4Campsite (3,500') 3500
76.6Rich Cove Gap (3,390') 3390
78.5Georgia?North Carolina State Line (3,825')?tree register 3825
78.6Bly Gap (3,840')?gnarly oak tree 3840
04/25/96 5:15 pm

Well I hike behind Buckeye all day and for a 70 year old man he ran me into the ground. He, along with Shaka and Crazy Train, went to the next shelter while I stayed here. I even took his picture to remember him. He does keep a great pace up hill and hopefully I can learn to emulate it.

The first state is done!! YEA!!!!!! I am off the first map! YEA!!!! My pack weighed 58 lbs this morning. BOO! It was a GREAT day to hike! YES!!!!

Hope to have some company tonight but only time will tell.

04/25/96 5:22 pm

Didn't have to wait long...they are here. Well at least M.C. Brandy, Hidie Go Burgler and Smokey Moe.

expand image - Buckeye 70 expand image - Buckeye 70

Muskrat Creek Shelter
Mileage: 78.6
04/26/96 12:13 pm

Since it rained all night (until I got up) I came here for lunch and to dry out a little gear.

On the way here, I had my first casualty. My camera was set up to take a piture of me with quite a panoramic backdrop, when a gust of wind came and caused my camera to fall over, down 6 feet and SMASH! No more camera. Now it just makes the noise like a toy gun. Since I am not sure when it took the picture, so it might be a picture of the rock it hit, or it might have a picture of me with an OH SHIT look on my face..who knows (hope the roll can be saved).

expand image - Last Image from camera

Well finally it is startiing to clear, and I only have a few more miles to the next shelter. Might start going again in a an hour or so.

Met up with Blaze Blind and Purple Pirate, they are leaving the trail because P.P. is having problems with his legs. Jim also is getting off because of his boots. Trail Snail seems to be doing fine along with Waldo.

04/26/96 2:07 pm

Just about to leave. Saw 3 deer. Also the sky cleared up so fast I couldn't believe it.

Hidie gone burgler hurt her back, so she is staying here tonight.

Quote of the day (from the shelter wall): The fact that I was here only made my departure eminent!

Standing Indian Shelter
Day: 12
Mileage: 83.5

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
79.1Sharp Top (4,300')?vista 4300
80.5Sassafras Gap (4,300') 4300
81.4Muskrat Creek Shelter (4,600') ?7.5mS; 4.9mN 4600
82.2Whiteoak Stamp (4,620') 4620
82.4Chunky Gal Trail (4,700') 4700
83.3Wateroak Gap (4,490') 4490
85.4USFS 71, Deep Gap, (4,341'), Kimsey Creek Trail to USFS Standing Indian Campground 4341
86.3Standing Indian Shelter (4,760') ?4.9mS; 7.6mN 4760
04/26/96 7:16 pm

Here at the shelter with Buckeye, Crazy Train and Shaka. It was windy, but has died down now. It turned out to be a great day after I dried out. Pretty easy hike from the last shelter. Not much else going on now....but still laughing about my camera.

Carter Gap Shelter
Day: 13
Mileage: 91.2

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
86.3Standing Indian Shelter (4,760') ?4.9mS; 7.6mN 4760
87.8Lower Trail, Ridge Trail (5,498') Standing Indian Mountain 5498
90.7Beech Gap Trail, Beech Gap (4,460') 4460
92.4Coleman Gap (4,200') 4200
93.5Timber Ridge Trail (4,700') 4700
93.9Carter Gap Shelters (4,540') ?7.6mS; 8.6mN 4540
04/27/96 2:05 pm

Beautiful day for hiking, cool and brezzy, but sunny.

On the way to this shelter I met a couple from the maintaining club. They asked about me, the trail conditions, shelters, ect. I was also able to yoggie 2 Fig Newtons. They also told me why there are no privies:

Believe it or not the forest service does not like them and tells the club not to build them on their lands.


Took an easy 8 mile day today, the back of my heels still hurt when I start out so I am not trying to push yet. I do want to go into Franklin and pick up a camera in the next few days though.

Other than that, and these DANM NATTS, everything is fine.

04/27/96 4:35 pm

Started a campfire (added campfire ashes) to give me something to do and to try to drive the nats away. So far it has worked on both counts.

04/27/96 9:43 pm

Sometimes, it is good to have company, and sometimes..... Now, everyone that was at the Blueberry Patch is here along with Iron Phill. Now its back to my first comment.... Iron Phill and M.C. Brandy are still talking. Both have a tendancy to dominate a conversation the two together keep everyone up. I hope they go to sleep soon!

Albert Mountain
Mileage: 97.7
04/28/96 12:03 pm

Of course, the BEST VIEW of the trip so far and no camera!

This view is well earned too. During the climb I had to go onto all fours a few times.

The view is for miles and miles and miles, and it is a pretty clear day to boot.

As Keith would say 'I wish I had my camera!'

Rainbow Springs Campground
Day: 14
Mileage: 104.1

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
93.9Carter Gap Shelters (4,540') ?7.6mS; 8.6mN 4540
94.9Ridgepole Mountain (4,990') 4990
97.6Betty Creek Gap (4,300') 4300
98.5USFS 83, Mooney Gap (4,400') 4400
98.8Spring (4,500') 4500
99.3Bearpen Gap (4,700') 4700
99.8USFS 67, Bearpen Trail (4,790') 4790
100.1Albert Mountain (5,250')?firetower 5250
102.5Long Branch Shelter (4,503') ?8.6mS; 3.5mN 4503
103.5Glassmine Gap, Long Branch Trail (4,400') 4400
106Rock Gap Shelter (3,760')?3.5mS; 8.5mN 3760
106.1USFS 67, Rock Gap (3,750') USFS Standing Indian Campground 3750
106.7Old U.S. 64, Wallace Gap (3,738') 3738
04/28/96 7:17 pm

A 12.1 mile day! Had to come here to take care of my camera. Luckily they do ship boxes and had a Fun Saver Camera for sale, so now I do not have to go into Franklin. They even had pizza!

I was a little worried because I had heard from the two day hikers out yesterday, that this place did not have a good reputation, but I am glad to say they were WRONG! Maybe it is because I got here on Sunday afternoon when they were not to busy. Who Knows!

Got a shower, food, a camera, phone calls and laundry done. Now I just have to wait to see if my left leg feels any better tomorrow (the last few miles were pure hell, my shin was acting up quite a bit).

Here with Buckeye and Mile Back, Iron Phill is camping here, but not in the bunkhouse.

One note: Crazy Train was a linebacker for the Harvard in 1987.

04/28/96 9:54 pm

Oh forgot to say how I got here. I got to Old 64 and asked 3 ladies how to get here. They answered and I started walking. Then what do you know, they pull up behind me and say since they are going this way, if I would like a ride.....of course I took it. I found out that they were out on a ramble, they said that they don't hike they ramble, and that they were out bird watching and that they also were members of the maintaining club.

G-d I love Trail Magic.


'96 Hike Map