Sassafras Gap Shelter
Mileage: 141.4

Had to copy this entry down:

We all walk the same path with different thoughts flowing through our minds. Often we think of other people and compare ourselves to them. When we find things about other people that we don.t like it.s necessary to be self-refletive. Usually the things we don.t like about others are things we need to improve upon. When we find things about others that we do like it is usually things we like about ourselves. The goal is to love everyone for who they are. At that point we know we truely love ourselves.
--Smokey Mo

05/04/96 2:06 pm

Here at the shelter eating, reading the log and getting ready to hike to Cheoah Bald to camp and see a sunset.

Great what Smokey Mo wrote.

Cheoah Bald
Day: 20
Mileage: 142.6

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
137.1U.S. 19, U.S. 74, Wesser, N.C. (1,723') Nantahala River, Nantahala Outdoor Center Bryson City, N.C. 28713 1723
138.7Wright Gap (2,390') 2390
140.2Grassy Gap (3,050') 3050
143.1Swim Bald (4,710') 4710
144Sassafras Gap Shelter (4,330') ?7.7mS; 9.1mN 4330
145.2Cheoah Bald (5,062')?sweeping vistas 5062
05/04/96 4:09 pm

Came here because the Thru-Hikers Handbook said, along with the Sassafras Gap Shelter regeister said this is a great place for a sunset. Hope they are right because I lugged up a gallon and a half of water up hill for this. Right now I am in my bivey once again because of natts, G-d I hate them things.

It is a hot, clear day, and my shin is not doing too bad, but it still hurts once in a while. Tomarrow.s down hill will be the test.

05/04/96 9:44 pm

well that many thru-hikers can.t be wrong...It was a Fantastic sunset. Probably in the top 10 of my life. Should have some good shots of it too, I think I took 5 or 6 of it.

Also today, my first trail beer. Accident Waiting to Happen Had one and we shared it withe Derick and 2 weekenders. Had a good time.

Also today was reptile day on the AT. Saw 3 snakes, one scared the shit out of me because I almost stepped on it, and one lizzard. On the mamal side I saw a grand hog here on the Bald.

It is very windy yp here, I hope the weather isn't changing.

05/04/96 11:46 pm

Just got up to get rid of the beer, the seen was so surreal, with the almost full moon lighting up a few puffy clouds...real neat! Earlier, the moonrise almost equaled the beauty of the sunset. Great night!

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Cable Gap Shelter
Day: 21
Mileage: 157.4

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
147.6Locust Cove Gap (3,690') 3690
148.6Simp Gap (3,700') 3700
150.7N.C. 143, Sweetwater Road, Stecoah Gap (3,165') ...picnic table Robbinsville, N.C. 28771 3165
151.7Sweetwater Gap (3,270') 3270
153.1Brown Fork Gap Shelter (3,800') ?9.1mS; 6.1mN 3800
153.3Brown Fork Gap (3,600') 3600
155.1Hogback Gap (3,540') 3540
155.9Cody Gap (3,600') 3600
158.3N.C. 1242, Yellow Creek Mountain Road (2,980') Yellow Creek Gap 2980
159.2Cable Gap Shelter (2,880')?6.1mS; 6.7mN 2880
05/05/96 11:23 am

Eating lunch at Stecoah after a 6+ mile morning. Woke up realy early and the natts drove me to hike.

Almost down to the gap I saw an owl swoop down from one tree to the next, hoot then fly off again. What a sight!

Also met a trail maintainer, nice guy. Love the bumpersticker on his car 'No Rain, No Pain, No Maine'.

Legs holding out just fine, might try to make it further than one shelter today (since it is just 2 miles from were I am writing this).

05/05/96 7:56 pm

Well I made it to the shelter ok (well in pain a little). Here with 10 others, another crowded night. Todays hike was about the worst hike, up and down, up and down. But still I made it.

This now puts me a day ahead to get into Fontana.

Here with Luckey Lora, a 95 thru hiker so it is an intresting conversation.


Fontana Dam, NC
Day: 22
Mileage: 162.9

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
160.6Black Gum Gap (3,490') 3490
162Yellow Creek Trail, Walker Gap (3,450') 3450
162.4Campsite (3,200') 3200
164.7N.C. 28, Benton Mackaye Trail (1,810') Fontana Dam, N.C. 28733 1810
05/06/96 9:01 pm

Got here, and after taking a shower and doing laundry, I did NOTHING except sit on the porch in a rocking chair and talk with other thru-hikers (who took over this resort town of 50)

Had a good dinner with Trail Snail, had a rack of ribs you would not believe.

Was raining and thunder showering on and off all day, but I did not get too much before reaching the road.

Got my mail drop ok, and the ship ahead box too. I even got Mail!

Bought a 110 camera, because that is all they had, but at least I will have something for the Smokeys.

Note about the hostel, if the room is booked by a group you are out of luck (this is primarily on the weekends). Also the store cannot be trusted for anything. They are out of poptarts, advil, colman fuel and other hikeer favorites. WARNING!!

So far it seems to be a nice place, but being a resort, it is not as hiker friendly as other towns.


'96 Hike Map