High Tech's 2016 Chunk Hike Log

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Please note: these are my logs FROM THE TRAIL. They are filled with typos, spelling errors etc...they will be cleand up after the trek is over. Also, pics shown are only from my phone....I will add hundreds of photos when I can get them off the camera.

Update 1: added all the pics from my camera

Update 2 (12/18/16): Just added profile maps for each day and fixed day numbering.

Preliminary Backpacking Trip #1 - Buffalo River Trail May 5-7, 2016
Preliminary Backpacking Trip #2 - Great Smoky Mountain National Park June 7-9, 2016

Log 1Rutland VT to Norwich VtJune 16 to June 21, 2016
Log 2Norwich VT to Glencliff VTJune 22 to June 27,2016
Log 3Glencliff VT to Gorham NHJune 28 to July 9,2016
Log 4Gorham to RangeleyJuly 10 to July 19,2016
Log 5Rangeley to caratunkJuly 20 to July 27,2016
Log 6Caratunk to Monson, MEJuly 28 to July 30,2016
Log 7Monson, ME to KatadinJuly 31 to Aug 10,2016
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