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• Jameco• MPJA• All Electronics
• Adafruit• Sparkfun• MCM

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• Dilbert - The Knack• Evolution of Dance• Christmas Tauntauns
 • Depressed Robot• Mahna Mahna
• Qrio - 1• Qrio - 2• Qrio - 3
• Surface• Computer Rage• Smash Your Computer
• Keepon• Big Dog• Self Healing Chair
• AniMusic• Last Lecture• Sony SPoS
• Memory  
• AstroSpies• Great Robot Race (DARPA)• Darpa Urban Challenge
• Ancient Computer• Smartest Machine on Earth 


• Talking Robots• This Week In Tech• Earth & Sky


• Engineering TV • Cranky Geeks
• Systm• Tekzilla• Hak5
• TED  

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3D Printing @ HomeGeek HumorOnline Video
• Video• ID-10T Error• Hulu
• More Info• Dilbert 

NC Triad Robotics

• Triangle Amateur Robotics• Durham TechShop• HomeBot Robotics
• Superdroid Robots• Ken’s Robots• Go Robotics

Memphis Robotics

Anyone who knows about an amateur robotics club in Memphis, TN or is interested in helping start one, please contact me at dkohn96@gmail.com.

Also check out My Blog where I cover Robotics in Memphis including BEST, US First, University of Memphis and Christian Brothers University teams.