These projects are on hold indefinitely due to lack of time, interest, information and/or new technology has made the project obsolete.

Projects (On Hold)

PromDisk III

Bought an industrial computer off Ebay. It came with a PromDiskIII board installed. This card allows the computer to boot from PROMS on the board, that act like a disk drive. The company that built the board no longer supports it, but I want to put MY programs on the PROMs and boot to my programs. Here are my notes so far.

The only thing left to do to complete this project is to create a program that will create the disk image (as a .BIN file) to burn to the PROMs.

Never finished this project...with SD Cards, USB Sticks etc it seems pointless now, but when this tech first came out it was impressive.


Bought two old PCL-730 I/O Cards off Ebay and am adding circuitry to interface them to an A/D Converter for my Microprocessor class to fool around with.

Haven't gotten to finish a website for this project yet (and with new Tech out there, it seems pointless), but all the files associated with the project can be found here

M68HC11 GCC Compiler

Actually I got the M68HC11 GCC Compiler to work (even made it so students could use my class submission system to compile code on my server and then get the .s19 file to send to a board) just never got around to fully documenting the project.

My class has moved from the 68HC11 to newer uCont boards (like Arduino and Galileo) so it seems rather pointless to document it now.

NC-900 Thin Client

Bought a NC900 Thin Client X Terminal to experiment with. I recently got interested in thin clients and wish to hook one up to experiment with X Windows (primarily to communicate with Linux Servers).

I put this project on the back burner after attempting to get it to work a number of times. I got to the point were the device downloads its software using TFTP, but after that it just sits there dumb and happy. I think it might be trying to connect to an X-server, but I can't seem to find anything on how to get Debian Linux set up as an X-Server.


LabVIEW / DI-94

Creating a VI to use the DI-194 Data Acquisition device with LabVIEW without buying the suggested RS-232 Handler. I got it to work but still have a few minor bugs to work out (and haven't gotten back to this project to finish it).