Johns Hollow Shelter
Day: 9-2002
Mileage: 763

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
784.4Lower Rocky Row Run Bridge (740') 740
785.3Rocky Row Run (760')?campsites along creek 760
785.4Va. 812, USFS 36 (825') 825
786Johns Hollow Shelter (1,020') ?3.9mS; 9mN 1020
06/11/02 12:15 pm

Got to here about a half hour ago and it is just too hot to hike up that bighill right now!

Had a good night in Glasgow. Great town for hikers everything is so close as shown below:

                Lib |
                  P |
                  G |         the main road
   L     HR     GD

L - laundry
H - Hotel
R - Resuraunt
G - Grocery
D - Deli
P - Post office
Lib- Library winth internet

Had a good breakfast at the resturant and check out. Asked about a ride to the trail and picked up the phone and said he will be here in a few minutes. Got fuel, finished packing and he was waiting for me. Nice ride back to the trail.

Did see BugBite before I left and asked here how it was going and she replied "awful" and left. G_d help her get back on the trail!

06/11/02 2:37 pm

Just woke up and saw a very young deer, it didn't have spots but was just at the age to loose them I am sure. Slept for about 1.5 hours, what else is there to do in this heat?

06/11/02 8:51 pm

Joined by three thru hikers and three kidds (Chis, Styx and Tipsy) hiking from Damasscus to the end of VA. Still hot but cooling off. Hoping to wake up early tomarrow and get moving in the cool of the day.

According to the register there is trail majic at VA 39 (aprox 3 miles after the next shelter. He serves Breakfast and Dinner. We'll see.

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Punchbowl Shelter
Day: 10-2002
Mileage: 771.9

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
786Johns Hollow Shelter (1,020') ?3.9mS; 9mN 1020
788Rocky Row Trail (2,400') 2400
788.1Fullers Rocks, Little Rocky Row (2,486') 2486
789.1Big Rocky Row (2,974') 2974
790.6Saddle Gap, Saddle Gap Trail (2,600') 2600
791.7Saltlog Gap (south) (2,573') 2573
793.2Bluff Mountain (3,391')?Ottie Cline Powell Memorial 3391
794.3Punchbowl Mountain (2,850') 2850
794.8Punchbowl Shelter (2,500')?9mS; 9.7mN 2500
06/12/02 9:06 am (Saddle Gap Trail Intersection)

Woke at 5:44am and hiked 4.6 miles before 9am. Great view of the valley and mnts beyond. I could even see the Radar installation on Apple Orchard! Glad I waited to do the uphill this morning!

P.S. When I awoke there were probably double the people around the shelter as there were when I went to sleep.

06/13/02 7:36 am

Well I got here pretty early and feeling fairly well, but then all of the sudden I felt like crap! I was realy tired and had no energry. I fell asleep about 3 times and finaly had the strenght to get up and eat. Had a great time with too thru hikers who werent married, but should be, they sure acted like it. Completed each other sentances, argued, ect ect.

Well after eating dinner, I felt better still, but then the bugs came. even with the bivey I got little sleep and still dont feel that great this morning.

The big news on the trail is the forest fire. I have been told they have closed the section of the trail south of the foot bridge over the James.

Well I will try to hike to the next shelter today (relatively flat but 9 miles) and see how I feel.

This shelter is the most picturesque of the shelters, with the pond and the trees and all. The crazy frogs sure made for some interesting night music too.

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Brown Mt Creek Shelter
Day: 11-2002
Mileage: 780.7

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
795.2Punchbowl Mountain Crossing; BRP mp 51.7 (2,170') 2170
795.5Va. 607, Robinson Gap Road (2,100') 2100
797.4Rice Mountain (2,169') 2169
799.3USFS 39 (990') 990
799.4Pedlar River Bridge (970') 970
802.3USFS 38, Swapping Camp Road (1,000') 1000
804.3Brown Mountain Creek Shelter (1,395') ?9.7mS; 6.2mN 1395
06/13/02 3:13 pm

Well got up this morning, still not feeling the best, but started hiking. It was a fairly easy hike today with just some little ups and lots of down. Got down to FS39 and got some Trail Majic from a couple that does it for a week at a time (he thruhiked a log time ago and they honymooned at Puchbowl shelter). Didnt get the full treatment because I got there as they were packing up, but still got 3 ice teas and two cheese sandwiches.

The hike around the reservoir was not much, and the rest of the hike to the shelter was easy. Everyone here trying trying to stay cool and get a nap in the heat. G_d it's HOT, DAMN HOT!

I dont think I would have made it here if it weren't for the trail majic.

Oh yea, a big school group was just crossing the spillway when I got there. Must have been 20 people. So much from a 6 member group max.

06/13/02 7:06 pm

More trail majic: two day hikers come in from the Natural Bridge Hiking club: Flash and Hotflash who hiked back in 86. Even though they were carying fanny packs, they pulledout sodas (1/2 can for everyone) and a pound cake. Made for a nice desert to my speggetti, sauce and pepperoni.

Most everyone is camped by the creek. Bugbite showed up, so she is hiking again. Did have to bypass the part from were she hitched out to the James river due to the fire.

Still DAMN HOT!!!!

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Cow Camp Gap Shelter
Mileage: 786.4
06/14/02 12:36 pm (Cold Mnt)

I think today is the weirdest hiking weather I have ever had. It started off VERY HOT and HUMID with the look of rain in the sky above. Started hiking and almost sweat to death. Still no rain. Then I noticed a change in temperature, it got so cool I was afraid to stop hiking because when I did I would get way to cold.

Decided to skip the shelter (Cow Camp Gap) and go on 2.2 more miles to spring and campsite.

Now sitting ontop of Cold Mountain. This is a nice spot, you could call it a bald. The sun is peaking out of the clouds some time and there is a red tail hawk flying around.

Other thank being soaked from sweat, I feel very good, but this spot is so beatiful, I hate to leave!

Hog Camp Gap
Mileage: 788.9
06/14/02 3:43 pm

Talk about coincidence, I came into the field and met a man and a woman, the woman introduced herself as 'Trail Snail' from 1996. At that point I realized that she was THE Trail Snail that someone was refering to in an argument with the Trail Snail (aka Snail No More) in wich the person said he had to change his trail name because it was already taken. He was going to change it anyway but thats rediculous. Anyway she said when she heard about it she was imbarised (you see it was a friend of her's who objected). I told her the she should contact Snail No More and tell him that.

We also started comparing notes on who we knew back in 96. Just cant believe what a small world it is.

Nice water source down the road from here so I stoped for an early dinner (Rammen Noodles and penutbutter crackers). Thinking about moving on though. Feel good and there are still 4 more hours of daylight. Well see.

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Wolf Rock
Day: 12-2002
Mileage: 794

[note profiles from 2016...must have been a relocation here....milages do not match]

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
795.2Punchbowl Mountain Crossing; BRP mp 51.7 (2,170') 2170
795.5Va. 607, Robinson Gap Road (2,100') 2100
797.4Rice Mountain (2,169') 2169
799.3USFS 39 (990') 990
799.4Pedlar River Bridge (970') 970
802.3USFS 38, Swapping Camp Road (1,000') 1000
804.3Brown Mountain Creek Shelter (1,395') ?9.7mS; 6.2mN 1395
806.1U.S. 60, Lexington Turnpike (2,060') Long Mountain Wayside?picnic tables Buena Vista, Va. 24416 Lexington, Va. 24450 2060
808.9Bald Knob (4,059') 4059
809.9Old Hotel Trail (3,428') Cow Camp Gap Shelter?6.2mS; 10.8mN 3428
811.1Cole Mountain (4,022') 4022
812.4USFS 48, Wiggins Spring Road (3,485') Hog Camp Gap 3485
813.3Tar Jacket Ridge (3,840') 3840
814.6USFS 63, Va. 634, Salt Log Gap (north) (3,290') 3290
815.8USFS 246 (3,500') 3500
816.3Greasy Spring Road (3,600') 3600
06/14/02 9:08 pm

Made it here and couldnt hike no more. sill a 13 mile day. After the initial heat and the crazy weather it turned into a great day to hike. I didn't want to waste the hiking weather!

Found a good site here to camp, but no water. Wasa able to cook donner, but have little left for breakfast.

Theatening to rain, but only a few drops so far.

Here with one other, but as ususal I can't remember his name.

He did tell me how Sir Lady James got his trail name. He was in a bar early in his hike and said he would wear a dress in the next town for $100, but as the evening went on and more drinks whent in it went down to $10. And he did wear the dress in the next town. Hence the name..

06/15/02 7:46 am

Well it rained only a few drops last night, but it was cold! Woke up and had a hard time getting out of the bivey. Temperature now is OK but the wind chill is freezing. Must get moving...out of water!

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The Priest Shelter
Day: 13-2002
Mileage: 803.1

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
818.2North Fork of Piney River (3,500') 3500
819.4Elk Pond Branch (3,750') 3750
820.1Seeley?Woodworth Shelter (3,770') ?10.8mS; 6.6mN 3770
821.2Porters Field (3,650') 3650
822.4Spy Rock Road (3,454')Montebello, Va. 24464 3454
822.9Spy Rock (3,680') 3680
823.7Cash Hollow Rock (3,550') 3550
825Cash Hollow Road (3,280') 3280
825.8Va. 826, Crabtree Farm Road (3,350') Crabtree Falls Trail 3350
826.7The Priest Shelter (3,840')?6.6mS; 7.6mN 3840
06/15/02 2:47 pm

Just arrived at the shelter. Good day hiking, but I am bushed. Think I will call it a day here.

Got a little trail majic from a church camp. I first met them at Fish Hatchery Rd and they gave me an orage, then again at spy rock were I got a drink, cookies and an apple. Nice group.

Speaking of Spy Rock, what a veiw! you could see everything for miles. No wonder why the Confederate Soldiers used it as a lookout!

Great weather for hiking, cool with a strong breeze and probably in the 70's.

Boy I am tired...I think I will try to take a nap and clean some cloths (they all stink)!

06/15/02 5:50 pm

Forgot to mention the bandanna. I somehow droped my bandanna, probably while taking off my coat after Spy Rock, and probably about an hour of hiking I find a Bandanna by the trail in a small tree (probably the tree grabed it from a hikers backpack). It even seems clean! There must be a bandanna g_d!

06/16/02 8:51 am

Cold night again last night but slept ok. Was in the shelter with "The Natural". Nice guy with dredlocks (a ski bumb from NH). Good conversation and company. This morning he said he might have a stress fracture in his foot and is thinking about pulling out to get it checked. I hope it is just a strain and rest will cure it for him.

Well best be off to decend "The Preist".

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Maupin Field Shelter
Day: 14-2002
Mileage: 816.8