Calf Mt Shelter
Day: 18-2002
Mileage: 841.8

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
861.4I-64 overpass (1,902') 1902
861.6Skyline Drive mp 105.2 (1,902') 1902
862.1SNP kiosk for self-registration; park entrance station (2,200') 2200
865McCormick Gap; Skyline Drive mp 102.1 (3,450') 3450
866.3Bear Den Mountain (2,885')?old tractor seats, vista 2885
866.8Beagle Gap; Skyline Drive mp 99.5 (2,550') 2550
869Calf Mountain Shelter (2,700') ?13mS; 13.5mN 2700
06/20/02 3:33 pm

Well I made it out of my second trail town for the trip. Woke up and ate breakfast at Weasie's again. Well to be more correct I at two breakfasts (waffles with bacon and sausage then 2 eggs with ham, country fried potatos and toast). Then I got a ride from Sherrie back to the hotel to finish packing. When I was done I called Sherri but she was taking two hikers to a mall 15 miles away, so I called up the list and hit on my 4th try. Bill Nichols drove me to the trail, small world, he lived in Schenectady (of course he worked for GE) so we had a nice chat, he also worked in computer control. Nice ride and nice man.

The hike here was pretty much a repeat of '96, hot and sunny although a nice breeze is blowing. So far all alone here, but I am sure that will change. I just can't see hiking 13 more miles to the next shelter today, but plan on waking early tomarrow to hike in the cooler part of the day.

06/20/02 8:59 pm

Here with Tin Tin from Austrailia. Nice guy. Befor he showed up I had a good nap, saw a deer and observed her for an hour and cooked dinner. Can't say I like the bear bag arrangement or the privy (it STINKS) but the shelter and company are both good.

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Blackrock Hut
Day: 19-2002
Mileage: 854.8

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
869Calf Mountain Shelter (2,700') ?13mS; 13.5mN 2700
869.6Spring (2,200') 2200
870SNP southern boundary; Jarman Gap; Skyline Drive mp 96.9 (2,173') 2173
870.2Spring (2,150') 2150
871.8Sawmill Run Overlook; Skyline Drive mp 95.3 (2,200') 2200
873.4Turk Gap; Skyline Drive mp 94.1 (2,600') 2600
875.4Skyline Drive mp 92.4 (3,100') 3100
879.5Skyline Drive mp 88.9 (2,350') 2350
881.3Blackrock Gap; Skyline Drive mp 87.4 (2,321') 2321
881.5Skyline Drive mp 87.2 (2,700') 2700
882Blackrock Hut (2,645')?13.5mS; 13.5mN 2645
06/21/02 2:06 pm

Just arrived at the shelter. Not 15 min. ago I saw my first BEAR! It was above the trail and went over the top when is saw/heard me. It was wearing a white id collar, but I didn't see any id number on it. Of course it happened so quickly I couldn't get a photo.

06/21/02 8:14 pm

Here with 2 thru hikers (tenting), and 3 short timers including Bob who is a comidian (professional) and an Austrialian who is doing the AT in SNP.

It dosen't seen like my bear sighting is that unusual, 4 others saw the smae bear in the same spot.

After arriving here earier, I took a good long nap. I still do not know why I am so tired after only a few miles.

Did find a black snake hanging off the back wall of the shelter (on the outside), but it bowdes well for few if any mice tonight.

06/22/02 8:23 am

Last night was a scream, Bob kept making comments about a wip-o-will that wouldn't shut up and I thought I would split a gut. Cool night, wish I would have gon outside and did some star gazing, but couldn't bring myself to get out of the sleeping bag.

Bob woke early this morning and got the rest of us up (of course the wip-o-will was going too).

Last one in camp now, just cant seem to get going this morning. Hope there is room in the campground or I will be forced to do 13 for the day. Well see.

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Pinefield Hut
Day: 20-2002
Mileage: 867.9

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
882Blackrock Hut (2,645')?13.5mS; 13.5mN 2645
882.6Blackrock (3,100')?open rocky summit 3100
883.6Skyline Drive mp 84.3 (2,800') 2800
884.9Dundo Group Campground (2,700') 2700
885.1Browns Gap; Skyline Drive mp 82.9 (2,600') 2600
886Skyline Drive mp 82.2 (2,800') 2800
886.4Doyles River Parking Area; Skyline Drive mp 81.9 (2,800') 2800
887.3Doyles River Cabin (locked); Skyline Drive mp 81.1 (2,900') 2900
889.4+Loft Mountain Campground (3,300') 3300
890.5Frazier Discovery Trail to Loft Mountain Wayside (2,950') 2950
891.2Loft Mountain (3,200') 3200
891.5Spring (2,950') 2950
893.6Ivy Creek Overlook; Skyline Drive mp 77.5 (2,800') 2800
895.2Pinefield Hut (2,430')?13.5mS; 8.4mN 2430
06/22/02 9:19 pm

Well today has been a great day. Started off with Bob telling jokes. I woke early to Bob and the wip-o-will and got a very slow start to say the least. It was near 9am when I started hiking. Saw Del Doc going south from Black Rock Overlook then spent a few minutes there looking around. Started talking to an older lady and learned she was Del Doe (Del Doc's wife). we had a good conversation all the way to the car. Then I was hiking behind two hikers from last night (the ausi and his friend). I followed them all the way to Loft Mountain. I broke from them there and got a shower and did some laudry. Then I whent and ate ate the wayside. I had a cheese burger combo, hot dog, chocolate milk and a bowl of ice cream. Then I hiked to the shelter, wich was very easy hiking. Met a thru hiker who was slackpacking with some freinds and got a cookie and an apple (trail majic #1). Then I get to camp and there are 4 people here. They had hot dogs for an army so I ate 4! They also gave me a wine cooler. Then two more people showed up, a father and his son who was about 5. All the weekenders knew them from last night and it was like being included in a family. It was great. The only thing bad about today is that the shower i took at Loft Mnt didn't last and my stomach is having a problem with real food (as I expected it would).

Good day. Good Night Great people!

[Mike and Dominic (father and son, were great to be around, boy that kid loves starwars)]

06/23/02 2:37 pm

One story I forgot to write; as I was walking from the wayside back to the AT I ran into a guided nature walk. After the ranger was done talking she asked if I would like to pass the group and I said yes. On my way by she asked it I was going all the way to Maine and I answered "No, I'm only going to PA" at wich point one of the people stared to laugh, "Oh ONLY to PA". I guess it is funny to a person taking a one mile nature walk that I am ONLY hiking some 300 miles!

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Hightop Hut
Day: 21-2002
Mileage: 876.2

Miles from SpringerFeaturesElevation
895.2Pinefield Hut (2,430')?13.5mS; 8.4mN 2430
895.4Pinefield Gap; Skyline Drive mp 75.2 (2,590') 2590
897.3Simmons Gap; Skyline Drive mp 73.2 (2,250') 2250
900.6Powell Gap; Skyline Drive mp 69.9 (2,294') 2294
901Little Roundtop Mountain (2,700') 2700
902.2Smith Roach Gap; Skyline Drive mp 68.6 (2,600') 2600
903.4Hightop Hut (3,175')?8.4mS; 12.6mN 3175
06/23/02 8:04 pm

Here at the shelter with6 others, 2 section hikers the rest going all the way (including Relax from Isreal).

Uneventful day today except that I think I saw more dear than people. Even saw my first Doe and Faun, but as usual I couldn't get a photo.

Got out of camp really late this morning, more trail majic from my "family": oatmeal, pancakes and virginia ham. Mmmm Good!

Took a nap on they way here too, still tired all the time.

No see-ums are plentiful here!

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Lewis Mt Campground
Day: 22-2002
Mileage: 887.9