PA Hike #3 - PA 225 to Clark's Ferry Shelter and Back

[Day 1 - Yellow, Day 2 - Blue]

Clarks Ferry Shelter
Mileage: 1123.9
Dec 26, 1992

On the AT once again. This time with Keith Davis and Tom Ott. We hiked from 225 (PA Section 8) To Clark's Ferry Shelter (4.3 miles). Some events: it was so cold a Frisbee shattered when it hit the ground....After getting into the sleeping bag, we had a man visit the shelter...why...we don't know..who he was...we don't know. Must have gotten down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit overnight. Beautiful sunrise was seen right from our sleeping bags in the shelter.

PA 225
Mileage: 1129.2
Dec 27, 1992

Hiked from Clark's Ferry Shelter back to the car at 225. P.S. This was the coldest weather I ever hiked in and it was Great! Also the first time for my North Face "Snow Leopard"'s GREAT!
 A.T. North 
 A.T. South