PA Hike #13 - PA 325 to Peter's Mt Shelter to Clark's Ferry Shelter to PA 225

[Leg 1 - Yellow, Leg 2 - Blue, Leg 3 - Green]

Peters Mountain Shelter
Mileage: 1130.9
May 27, 1995

Hiked AT Section 8 from 325 to Peter's Mountain Shelter with members of Troop 2's Philmont crews. I did have to go into work, so I had to hike part of the way by myself but since they took a wrong turn, I caught up with them after 40 minutes. After they complained about bush whacking and heard about Dick W. chasing his camera down the hill. Beautiful day except for al l the damn silk worms, I was covered with them. The shelter (that is the new one) is a huge place but the running water is all the way in china (Way down hill). Dinner was ok and we have shelter companions from a church. All in all a good day.

Clarks Ferry Shelter
Mileage: 1123.9
May 28, 1995

Well last night was nice and the church group that was also in the shelter was a nice considerate group. Woke up this morning fairly early. Shortly after waking I hear Johnathan saying "There's a bear with cubs outside" but it ended up being two trees rubbing together. The weather was threatening all day and finally starting raining when we hit 225. At least we did see some nice overviews before the rain. We are now at Clark's Ferry Shelter. When we arrive the shelter was empty but two just joined us waiting for their friend who is hiking from Virginia to Maine. One thing I missed was Dick putting on his poncho. This poncho already famous from a Troop hike at Getteysburg but now, over a pack, it looked like a WALL! Just watching him put it on was HISTARICAL! Note: This day finished Section 8 for me! Today I hiked from Peter's Mountain Shelter to Clark's Ferry Shelter.

PA 225
Mileage: 1129.2
May 29, 1995

Well the hiker that is going from Virginia to Maine did show up. Because of the way the shelter is, she snuck up on us and asked "Is Mike here?" which woke us all up with a start. We all got a lot of sleep (going to bed before dark because of the rain). We woke up very early since Ed and Jules had to get home. We did have a nice talk with Charlotte, who was the VA to Maine hiker. We found out that she just got her biology degree and that she is going on to vet school. She would like to work with exotic animals. The weather was overcast and cloudy for our early start, but the weather started to clear and the walk back was un-eventful. Today the hike was from Clark's Ferry Shelter to 225. Total for trip 17.8 miles. Hiked with: Ed and Jules Popchoke, and Dick and John Weaver (all from Troop 2 and Philmont 710D crew)

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