PA Hike #7 - PA 645 to Swartha Gap

Swartha Gap
Mileage: 1155.2
Nov 20, 1993

Hiked the AT on Section 6 from 645 to Swatara Gap (10.1 Miles according to the guide) with the Chester County Trail Club. Had a good time and for once I did not have to hike back to the car since the club had cards at both ends of the section. I did see snow for the first time this year (when it flurried first thing when we got out of the cars). I did not know whether or not I would like hiking with a group (there were 22 people) but I did not find it that different. I was still able to think through stuff while hiking. There was the added advantage of conversation when I wanted to talk. The down side (and it was not too bad) was I had to walk at other people's paces (and take breaks when the group did) but it was not too far off what I would have done. Overall a great hike!
 A.T. North 
 A.T. South