About Me


I am an Associate Professor of Engineering Technology at the University of Memphis. Feel free to take a look at my University of Memphis Website, as well as my old webpages from my time at NC A&T and USM.

You can also take a look at my Curriculum Vita to find out more about my professional life

Computers, Electronics and Robotics

OK, I admit it, I am a computer geek. I enjoy working on electronics, computer programming and robotics. The links above take you to my various journals, faq's, and project pages.

Also check out My Blog on robotics with a special focus on what is going on with robotics in Memphis, TN.

I am also a mentor to US First Robotics Teams in Memphis, TN and maintain a website devoted to FRC in Memphis. It is MemphisFirstTeams.org. Go ahead and check it out!

Hiking and Backpacking

I am an avid backpacker and hiker. I have completed over 3/4 the Appalachian Trail (mostly during "chunk hikes" in 1996, 2002, 2010). Visit My Trail Journal for pictures, equipment lists and much more.

You are also invited to view my webpage of Other Adventures.


I was involved with the Boy Scouts for decades (both as a youth and leader in the US and Canada). I have placed my collection of handouts on: Woodbadge, Scoutcraft, Knots, Campcraft, Cold Weather Camping, Hiking and Backpacking, Campfire Songs and Skits and much more on line so others may use this material.