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Raspberry Pi / Robot Arm Project Underway


Got my Amazon Echo!

Ongoing Projects

Robot Arm Rebuild / Internet Controlled Robot Arm (ver 2)

Redoing the LabVolt Robot Arm project. Upgrading from the Celeron 333MHZ computer to a Rasbperry Pi. Notes are being added to the original project notes that can be found HERE.


Amazon Echo

Got my Amazon Echo recently (spring 2015). So far I use it for listening to internet radio, getting news and weather and also to turn on lights via my WeMo's. (All out of the box stuff)

Hope to get some time to hack it a bit!


Temperature / Humidity Logging

Using an Arduino and a SHT11 Temperature/Humidity Sensor I want to be able to record the readings and then show a graph via my server. To start I used the USB interface right to my linux server. So the project entails: Connecting the sensor, writing a program to read the sensor and send it out via the USB. The server will run a program to read the USB and store the data in a CSV file. Lastly a PHP script will read the data and draw a graph (using jpGraph) to any web browser.

The first version of this project has actually been running since Aug 12, 2012, and I updated it recently to also gather outside Temp, Humidity and Pressure from Yahoo weather.

Now I just have to find the time to document it all....


Mobile Robot

A few years ago I purchased a Lynxmotion Tri-Track Robot Base. So far it has been used by students for various projects. You can find some info on this robot's past lives here.

Now I am going to strip it down and rebuild it using a Arduino Duemilanove, a L298 Compact Motor Driver , a VEX 6-channel R/C Controller/Receiver (more info) and some sensors and use it for autonomous and remote control robot demonstrations.

I started a engineering journal on this project, which can be found HERE but it will be a very rough website while the project is in progress, then I will go back and clean it up after its completion, so bare with me.