Scouting Page of Dan Kohn

I was invovled with Boy Scouts both in the USA and Canada for 20 years (1976 - 1996). Below is a collection of handouts and training materials I have gathered over my years in Scouting. To see my personal scouting history, click here.

Some of my Favorites

  • The Woodbadge Woggle
  • Diamond Knot
  • The History of Woodbadge
  • The One Minute Scoutmaster
  • An Indian Prayer
  • My Songbook
  • Documentry: Scouts! The Rise of the World Scout Movement (1983) [Info] [Movie (1.2G)]
  • The Dump (A website with many old scouting books pdf'ed)


  • My Philmont Adventures
  • Philmont Hymn as sung by Rod Taylor
  • Philmont Scout Ranch Helps Boys Grow Up (National Geographic 1956)


    The following PDF's are of handouts gathered over time from various US and Canadian Scouting sources. Some of the originals were of poor quality, or on color paper. I have tried to do my best to improve the images as much as possible. I hope you find some of them useful.

  • Knots, Lashing and Splices
  • Indian Lore
  • Pioneer Weekend
  • Scoutcraft
  • Camping (BSA 1992)
  • Equipment
  • Campcraft
  • Map Reading (Dated 1956 but still relevant)
  • Another Handout on Map Reading
  • Woods Tools
  • Firemaking Materials and Firewoods
  • Make a raft out of almost nothing
  • Know your Trees (4-H 1960)
  • Common Trees of Pennsylvania (1958)

    High Adventure
  • Winter Camping
  • Survival
  • High Adventure Guide (1992)
  • Climbing and Rappelling (BSA 1991)
  • Canoeing and Kayaking (BSA 1992)
  • Backpacking (BSA 1992)
  • Low Impact Camping (BSA 1992)
  • Survival (BSA 1992)
  • Team Building (BSA 1992)
  • BSA Lifeguard (BSA 1992)
  • High Adventure Shakedown Weekend - Crew Advisor's Training Syllabus (Chester County Council BSA 1995)
  • Troop 2 50 Miler Venture Crew
  • Philmont Shakedown Weekend - Crew Advisor's Training Syllabus (Chester County Council BSA 19??)
  • Wilderness Survival - A Guide for the Sportsman (1978 amethyst mini outdoor library)
  • Overview of High Adventure Bases

  • Brochure on The Patrol System (THE Handout for any new Boy Leader!)
  • Guide for New Scout Leaders (BSC)
  • Scout Leader's Handbook (BSC 1982?)
  • Leadership
  • Troop 2 JLT / Troop Operations Workshop
  • Junior Leader Training Conference Staff Guide (1993)
  • Duties of Junior Leaders
  • Scout Master Fundamentals (1990)
  • Train the Trainer (1993)
  • Patrol Leader's Councel Code
  • Notes for Trainers
  • Patrol Leader Handbook (BSC 1985)

    Program Ideas
  • Troop's First Six Months (BSA 1974)
  • Scouting The Seasons (One year of troop meeting plans written by Greater Toronto Reagion Boy Scouts of Canada
  • Program Helps 1987-88 (BSA)
  • Boy Scout Crafts, Projects, etc
  • Activities
  • Programming (mostly Boy Scouts of Canada)
  • Service Project Ideas (BSA 1972)
  • Scout Ceremonies (BSA 1987)
  • Woods Wisdom - Troop Program Features (BSA 1989) - Large File (36Meg)
  • Action Ideas (BSC 198?)

  • Advancement Policies and Procedures Committee Guide (BSA 1994 ed.)
  • Insignia_Guide (BSA 1995)

  • Dutch Oven Cooking (NOTE: This is an Ad for Marlboro but it does have great recipes for dutch oven cooking. Just cut out the recipes!)
  • Menu Ideas
  • Jamboree Menu (Canadian Jamboree 1985)

    First Aid
  • Handbook of First Aid - US Office of Civilian Defense (1941) (Many techniques in this book are no longer acceptable first aid practices!)
  • Household First Aid (1984)
  • Backcountry First Aid (Backpacker Magazine 1988)

    Scouts Own's
  • "Focus Break" CJ 85 Chaplain's Publication
  • The Man In the Glass

    Resources for Units with Jewish Scouts
  • Maccabee Award (BSA 1987)
  • Resources for Leaders with Jewish Scouts (BSC)

  • Explorer Adult Leader Basic Training (BSA 1993)
  • Exploring Advanced Leadership Development Workshop (Leader Guide)
  • Here's Exploring training video for Adults
  • Here's Exploring training video for Youth

  • Canadian Citizenship (from my time with the Boy Scouts of Canada)
  • Gillwell History and other Boy Scout Facts
  • Odds and Ends - Notes from various Training Courses
  • Old BSC Brochure "Camping - The Group Committee's Responsibilities
  • Old BSC Brochure "Smartness In Scouting"
  • Venture Advisor's Handbook (BSC 1985)
  • Tours and Moving Camps (BSA 1957)
  • Handycrafts (including paraffin stoves, silk screening (BSC)
  • Tours and Expeditions (Contains forms, workbook, and complete travel know-how) (BSA 1971)
  • Boy Scouts of Canada, Provincial Council for Ontario, Report for 1962
  • Horseshoe Scout Reservation Leader's Guide (1995)
  • Backpacking in Pennsylvania
  • Conservation Good Turn (BSC 1956)
  • Four lost Scouts found comfortably sleeping by fire

    Boy's Life Reprints

    These bookletes (in .pdf format) were published by Boy's Life and are compilations of articles on various topics. The printing date, when known, is included.

  • Patrol Activities (1969)
  • Camping Skills (1973)
  • Hiking and Camping Equipment (1975)
  • Litepac Camping Equipment (1976)
  • Hiking Skills (1973)
  • Pioneering (1976)
  • Scoutcraft Skills (1976)
  • Various Greenbar Bill Reprints

    Scouting Along with Burl Ives (MP3's)

    In 1964 the Boy Scouts of America produced this album, subtitled The Offical Boy Scouts Album. The mp3's were ripped from a cassette tape, that was a copy of an original LP. If you want a better copy, is selling a CD of the album.

  • Side 1
  • Side 2


    When I was a leader in Canada, I started on a songbook for my Scout Troop and Rover Crew. It kept on ballooning into what is posted below.

    Each part is formatted to be printed DOUBLE SIDED then cut half to form a 8.5x5.5 page placed in a appropriate binder.

    I have only tested printing it on my HP LaserJet 1300. For that printer you select PRINT | Properties | Finishing Tab | Print on both sides (Manually). I did have to rotate the paper 180 deg even though the on screen prompts say not to. I suggest trying "fires.pdf" first since it is the smallest file. Please do NOT email me asking how to print on your printer (I will not be able to help you with your printer - sorry).

  • Cover and Acknowledgements
  • Campfire Openings and Closings
  • Scout Songs
  • Rover Songs
  • Skits
  • Scouts Own (non denominational service ideas)
  • Leader / Rover Own (good for training courses)
  • Scouters Fives
  • Training Materials and other Odds and Ends

    I know some of the above material WAS convered by copywrites, but to my knowlage, everything posted here is out of publication. If this is in error, please email me and I will remove the item from the site.